Where is Beanie? This photo seems to have been taken at a beautiful old house that could be anywhere in the world. 

Beanie looks like he is merely loitering around outside of the house. Does he want to go in? Is this where he was born? Or is he frightened about what might be inside the house?


Beanie likes the beach and he is enjoying the sunset. He could be in Acapulco, the Bahamas, Fiji or Sunset Cove. 

He seems to be waiting for somebody under the cool of a coconut tree. Is he waiting for his long lost family or for the girl of his dreams?


And how does Beanie travel round the world? On a plane, like everyone else. However Beanie is not interested in travelling in economy, business or first class. He is happy to sleep on the wing and jump off whenever he feels like it.

Please don’t try this at home!


Beanie walks by the light of the moon. Is he strolling the clifftops of Sunset Cove or is he in some faraway land where the sun never shines?

Beanie has the look of someone who is sleepwalking and it is quite possible that he is being drawn along this picturesque path by an inner voice. Or perhaps by hidden lay lines?