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Missed an episode? Read about what happened, right here!!  But beware – there are spoilers!  And there’s something else – if you read the plot synopsis, you might discover the secret of Atlantis High – read it if you dare!

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Episode 6


The aliens, VORTEX, NEBULA and XERON have washed up on the beach.

In spite of the success of last episode’s Romeo and Juliet GILES is back to square one. He is not fitting in at Atlantis High.

DOROTHY is “cleaning” the Vermont’s house.

ANTONIA gets a break-up note from ANTONY. ANTONY confides to GILES that ANTONIA is doing his head in – literally. GILES wants to help them/her/him/it by splitting them up. He convinces ANTONY that he needs to leave Sunset Cove. This upsets SOPHIE and her pal.

JOSH is advertising his Silver Hotline. He has no new messages.

Q tells OCTAVIA that her father knows more than he thinks.

DORSEY has not heard from the aliens for a week. He despairs.

The Beach Volley Ball final is held. Cheerleader ANTONIA is upset. GILES, JET, BEANIE and DON try to console her with food.

Meanwhile the miniaturised spaceship on the beach has been picked up by the volley ball. The aliens are thrown back and forth.

Back at the Vermont’s residence DOROTHY has found an old photo of MRS. VERMONT. Unbeknownst to her she is being watched.

The pizza takes too long to order so GILES and the gang decide to take ANTONIA shopping. SOPHIE, still upset at ANTONY’s departure, causes a gust of wind that picks up the volley ball (with the aliens) and flings it at SABRINA’s bikini bottom. SABRINA now has an annoying itch and goes to get some cream.

OCTAVIA is caught and sent to the store for cigars.

GILES and co. arrive at the store to find crazed ANTONY with a dangerous frozen chicken. Everyone is hostage. The store owner secretly dials the Silver Lining. The aliens distress signal is operating again, attracting the attention of DORSEY and VERMONT.

GILES convinces ANTONY that if he changes to ANTONIA then he will not be arrested. A fly bugs SABRINA and it picks up the aliens.

The military storm the supermarket hoping to trace the signal. JOSH the superhero makes a smashing appearance… a tad too late.

ANTONY is sent off in to the sunset by a farewell party… that includes ANTONIA… ??!!


Episode 5


GILES is thrilled – he has two friends at his new school

GRAMPA notices a lot of strange military people digging up the ground. But the big news of the day is Atlantis High’s forthcoming production; ‘Romeo and Juliet’. GILES would give anything to play Romeo and impress OCTAVIA.

The aliens, VORTEX, NEBULA and XERON are lost inside KISSINGER-THE-DOG.

VIOLET appoints COACH SHANE to direct the school production. Casting begins. SOPHIE wants ANTONY to audition for Romeo, so she can be Juliet. SABRINA recoils at the idea – as if. GILES auditions but the competition is tough – JOSH in particular. VIOLET realises that the play’s violence will need to be toned down for the sponsor’s sake. She asks GILES to butcher the script.

Both DORSEY and VERMONT’s camp are separately tracking the aliens signal. They are followed by AGENCY operatives who are followed by LEW SIFFER, who is followed by KISSINGER-THE-DOG (and the aliens).

OCTAVIA reports to Q. He wants her to find out the meaning of the extraterrestrial messages they’ve detected.

JET explains the concept of love to BEANIE. Someone mistakes them for boyfriend and girlfriend. Me thinks JET doth protest too much.

COACH SHANE tells JOSH the game plan. JOSH will be Romeo, but SABRINA can’t be Juliet – she’d steal the spotlight and that’d be a major downer. GILES is scathing of the decision. ANTONIA arrives late and finds ANTONY gone. She sobs and gets the part of Juliet.

The aliens are on the move inside the dog. They surface again in the Vermont’s Garden, are trodden on by CMDR. VERMONT, then hosed off and white water raft down the sewer.

GILES delivers the condensed play. He is now worried about the audience and OCTAVIA’s reaction to the 15 minute Shakespeare.

DON’s backstage ladder trips up JOSH. Who will now play Romeo? VIOLET, DOROTHY and GRAMPA attempt to convince GILES that he is the man for the job. Meanwhile, it seems that ANTONY has upset ANTONIA so much that she can’t go on and play Juliet.

GILES is pushed on stage to see OCTAVIA playing the part of JULIET. He is thrilled. The play ends happily with a wedding, and the audience applaud the author. Success at last?


Episode 4


OCTAVIA has orders to eliminate GILES, who is now terrified of going to school. DOROTHY thinks she knows why – it’s hot and he’ll have to wear skimpies. But there’s no getting out of it.

Aliens, VORTEX, NEBULA, and XERON, hurtle towards Earth in their spaceship.

GILES confides in JET – OCTAVIA wants him dead, but JET dismisses the idea. BEANIE is intrigued by JET’s frisbee. She relents and lets him keep it. While GILES avoids the sinister OCTAVIA, he learns that BEANIE lives in the Boiler Room. JET is way impressed. They discover BEANIE has been at Atlantis High for a long time. But for how long?

As CMDR. VERMONT and his troops try to locate the enemy, a soldier is fatally wounded on a soda-run.
A HUNK pleads with SABRINA not to dump him. She gets GILES to video the scene and has the HUNK do a retake, but dumps him anyway. The HUNK sobs buckets. This merely reinforces another of JET’s conspiracy theories; shallow relationships are encouraged by tissue manufacturers to boost profits.
DORSEY scans the sky, while OCTAVIA spies on him. She reports back to her mysterious employer, using a mysterious code.

GILES and JET check out BEANIE’s files. He’s been in the same grade for 36 years! And if he doesn’t pass his exams this year then he’s out. JET and GILES must help him. But how? OCTAVIA catches GILES unawares – and she has a knife!

With ANTONY’s assistance, ANTONIA, GILES, and JET sneak into the Principal’s Office to steal the exam answers. To GILES surprise, OCTAVIA doesn’t eliminate him, but wants to share a hobby instead.

DORSEY readies for the aliens, and plants a landing beacon in his back garden. OCTAVIA watches him.
BEANIE takes the exam disk and instantly memorises the answers. Mid-class both he and DORSEY begin to act very strangely.

CMDR VERMONT and his men track a strange signal, as the aliens make their descent. But something’s wrong – and the aliens are miniaturising!!
The power runs out.. and the beacon shuts down. The Alien Spaceship is lost.. in KISSINGER-THE-DOG’s yawn.


Episode 3


GILES is miraculously washed ashore. Not that the medics care; they’re busy reviving a rich old man who’s fallen victim to SABRINA. While GILES recovers, DOROTHY tells him he probably imagined the whole OCTAVIA-periscope incident. Afterall it’s a confusing time; shifting to a new school… etc. When GRANDPA starts up about mysterious DENNIS, DOROTHY abruptly ends the conversation.

A new school day, sponsored by Reb-elz Coolwear (R.C.). JOSH asks OCTAVIA out. She declines; they’re too different. He likes comic-book superheroes whereas she prefers reality. JOSH defends the fight against evil but OCTAVIA tells him he wouldn’t know evil if it walked up and bit him.

GILES is shocked by OCTAVIA’s aloof attitude. He nearly drowned trying to save her! She denies all knowledge of the periscope.

R.C. Marketing Director, MR LEW SIFFER announces the upcoming launch of the new line. SABRINA models the range. ANTONIA’s sold. It must be cool if SABRINA’s wearing it. As LEW SIFFER outlines the correct way of wearing R.C., GILES, pestering OCTAVIA about a periscope, disrupts assembly and is promptly sent to VIOLET’s office. Meanwhile, JOSH is on a quest to find ‘evil’. COACH SHANE has an idea.

ANTONIA pleads with SABRINA to let her wear the R.C, but SABRINA says no. She fumes at GILES for stealing her scene.

JOSH continues his search for ‘evil’. ANTONIA, JET and ANTONY are no help. SOPHIE suggests the ultimate evil channel. MR DORSEY has the aliens observing earth costumes through the Science Room TV. JOSH and SOPHIE steal in and switch to ultimate evil channel (sponsored by R.C); they see evil people that look like beekeepers. The aliens use their matter-generating module to get R.C.

GILES skips class to talk to someone, but the only person available is BEANIE. DOROTHY’s worried to see her son with the weird kid. She gives GILES a card for therapist, DR. LEGGZ.

JOSH, the superhero, combats evil bee-keepers.

JET tells GILES her conspiracy theories about R.C., and toasters. GILES is sent to the guidance counsellor. MR QUENTIN tells GILES; “if the cap fits wear it”. GILES takes it as a sign to embrace R.C. Happy at last, he heads for the Launch. But SABRINA is horrified. She doesn’t want to look like GILES. The launch is ruined. And if that isn’t bad enough, GILES learns that OCTAVIA has a secret!