Interviews List

View all the interviews with member of the main cast of Atlantis High as they discuss their characters, favourites, life and more…

Head to Head

Head to Head with Dorothy and Joanne Mildenhall

Head to Head with Octavia and Elizabeth McGlinn

Head to Head with Loren Horsley and Sabrina

Head to Head with Richard Lambeth and Coach Shane

Head to head with laura Wilson and Jet

Head to Head with Lucy Gamble and Sophie

Head to Head with Victoria Spence and Antonia

Up Close and Personal

Up Close and Personal with Joanne Mildenhall (Dorothy)

Up Close and Personal with Loren Horsley (Sabrina)

Up Close and Personal with Elizabeth McGlinn (Octavia)

Up Close and Personal with Richard Lambeth (Coach Shane)

Up Close and Personal with Victoria Spence (Antonia)

Up Close and Personal with Laura Wilson (Jet)

Up Close and Personal with Michael Wesley Smith

Up Close and Personal with Lucy Gamble (Sophie)

In Depth and Invasive

Joanne Mildenhall – In Depth and Invasive

Victoria Spence – In Depth and Invasive

Elizabeth McGlinn – In Depth and Invasive

Richard Lambeth – In Depth and Invasive

Laura Wilson – In Depth and Invasive

Lucy Gamble – In Depth and Invasive

It’s all about Acting

Richard Lambeth – It’s all about Acting

Victoria Spence – It’ all about Acting

Elizabeth McGlinn – It’s all about Acting

Loren Horsley – It’s all about Acting

Laura Wilson – It’s all about Acting

Michael Wesley Smith – It’s all about Acting

Lucy Gamble – I’ts all about Acting

General Interviews

Ken Blackburn – Mr Dorsey

Elizabeth McGlinn – Octavia

Michael Wesley Smith – Giles

Loren Horsley – Sabrina

Victoria Spence – Antony/Antonia

Lucy Gamble – Sophie May

Lee Donaghue – Josh Montana

Laura Wilson – Jet Marigold

Richard Lambeth – Coach Shane

Todd Emerson – Beanie Weanie

Bonus Christmas Interview

CHRISTMAS INTERVIEW with Michael Wesley Smith (Giles), Victoria Spence (Antonia) and Laura Wilson (Jet)Special Interview with Santa Claus

Creator Interview

Raymond Thompson – Executive Producer and Creator of Atlantis High

Cast Files List

We have managed to get into Vita’s filing cabinet and extract some information about the people in Sunset Cove. Read all about each of them below….

1.Mr Dorsey – Ken Blackburn
2.Dorothy Gordon – Joanne Mildenhall
3.Sabrina Georgia – Loren Horsley
4.Antonia/Antony – Victoria Spence
5.Richard Lambeth – Coach Shane
6.Sophie May – Lucy Gamble
7.Octavia Vermont – Elizabeth McGlinn
8.Jet Marigold – Laura Wilson
9.Josh Montana – Lee Donaghue
10.Giles Gordon – Michael Wesley Smith
11.Cast file with Santa and his Imposter

Characters List

Below are the main characters who appear in Atlantis High. Click a picture below for more information about that character.
Giles Gordon
Octavia Vermont
Jet Marigold
Josh Montana
Giles Gordon
Octavia Vermont
Jet Marigold
Josh Montana
Dorothy Gordon
Commander Vermont
Sophie May
Sabrina George
Anthony & Antonia
Dorothy Gordon
Commander Vermont
Sophie May
Sabrina Georgia
Anthony & Antonia
Grandpa Gordon
Mrs Vermont
Mr Dorsey
Coach Shane
Grandpa Gordon
Mrs Vermont
Mr Dorsey
Coach Shane
Violet Profusion
Xeron, Vortex and Nebula
Lew Siffer
Violet Profusion
Xeron, Vortex and Nebula
Lew Siffer

List of Dr. Leggs Reports

Dr Leggs is perhaps the world’s greatest ever psychiatrist – and no wonder!  Having studied the eccentric citizens of Sunset Cove for years, she knows everything there is about the mind and personality traits.  Here are her exclusive files on some familiar faces who have a connection with Atlantis High…
Dr Leggs’ Report on Violet Profusion
Dr Leggs’ Report on The Easter Bunny
Dr Leggs’ Report on Commander Vermont
Dr Leggs’ Report on Coach Shane
Dr Leggs’ Report on Psycho Sexy Sophie
Dr Leggs’ report on Sabrina Georgia
Dr Leggs’ report on Octavia Vermont
Dr Leggs’ report on Sophie May
Dr Leggs’ report on Jet Marigold
Dr Leggs’ Report on Mr Fluffy Muffin
Dr Leggs’ Report on Cupid
Dr Leggs’ Report on Grampa
Dr Leggs’ Report on Frosty the Snowman
Dr Leggs’ report on Santa Claus
Dr Leggs’ report on Beanie Weanie
Dr Leggs’ report on Giles Gordon
Dr Leggs’ report on Josh Montana
Dr Leggs’ Report on Dorothy Gordon
Dr Leggs’ Report on Mrs Vermont
Dr Leggs’ Report on Vita
Dr Leggs’ Report on Spook
Dr Leggs’ Report on Kissinger






DR LEGGS’ report on VITA (Miriama Smith).

DR LEGGS’ report on VITA (Miriama Smith).

Hello, I am Dr Leggs, the resident psychiatrist of Sunset Cove. Many interesting people come to see me about their problems (and you can sometimes see me in Atlantis High!). Each week I’m profiling different Sunset Covers – and this week is the gorgeous Latino Secretary of Atlantis High – Vita

Name:Vita – her last name is unknown
Age: About 26

Sexy Latino School Secretary to the Principal of Atlantis High Violet Profusion

Appearance:Always in trendy and midriff showing clothes – she has a great figure and doesn’t mind outrageous outfits.
Past History:She was born in Latin America and grew up with a love of theatre. She was a highly acclaimed actor in Hollywood and won an two Emmy’s and an Oscar for Best Actress. For reason’s unknown she moved to Sunset Cove to become the secretary at Atlantis High
Motives:Vita is very intelligent and focussed. She knows she can do anything she wants to. She aims high and would like to become principal of Atlantis High permanently. She doesn’t like Violet Profusion and believes she could do a much better job herself. I wonder if she is sneaky enough to implement her plan…
Influences:Vita is infatuated with her fellow staff member and Gym Coach – Coach Shane. She would do almost anything for him. But she has a rival – Violet Profusion can’t keep her hands or eyes off the young athlete either…
Strengths: Vita is strong minded and speaks her mind. She is forever telling people they are “Scumbags!” but Vita can get away with it. She is great at acting and likes to keep this as a hobby. Passion is her strength – if she believes in something enough she’ll probably get it.
Weaknesses: Coach Shane is Vita’s one weakness – she has an infatuation with him that literally has her head over heels. When she can’t be with him she has a blow up doll with his face on it just to keep her happy.
Catchphrases: “Listen up Scumbags!!”
Secrets:It is a mystery why Vita is in Sunset Cove. She gave up a great career in acting to work in Sunset Cove – why would someone do that? There is more to her than meets the eye and if you get on the wrong side of her – watch out!

Rumour is that her and her blow up doll are going to elope over the next few weeks. Another rumour is that she is secretly working for someone to infiltrate Sunset Cove and pass on information – but who to?