Interviews List

View all the interviews with member of the main cast of Atlantis High as they discuss their characters, favourites, life and more…

Head to Head

Head to Head with Dorothy and Joanne Mildenhall

Head to Head with Octavia and Elizabeth McGlinn

Head to Head with Loren Horsley and Sabrina

Head to Head with Richard Lambeth and Coach Shane

Head to head with laura Wilson and Jet

Head to Head with Lucy Gamble and Sophie

Head to Head with Victoria Spence and Antonia

Up Close and Personal

Up Close and Personal with Joanne Mildenhall (Dorothy)

Up Close and Personal with Loren Horsley (Sabrina)

Up Close and Personal with Elizabeth McGlinn (Octavia)

Up Close and Personal with Richard Lambeth (Coach Shane)

Up Close and Personal with Victoria Spence (Antonia)

Up Close and Personal with Laura Wilson (Jet)

Up Close and Personal with Michael Wesley Smith

Up Close and Personal with Lucy Gamble (Sophie)

In Depth and Invasive

Joanne Mildenhall – In Depth and Invasive

Victoria Spence – In Depth and Invasive

Elizabeth McGlinn – In Depth and Invasive

Richard Lambeth – In Depth and Invasive

Laura Wilson – In Depth and Invasive

Lucy Gamble – In Depth and Invasive

It’s all about Acting

Richard Lambeth – It’s all about Acting

Victoria Spence – It’ all about Acting

Elizabeth McGlinn – It’s all about Acting

Loren Horsley – It’s all about Acting

Laura Wilson – It’s all about Acting

Michael Wesley Smith – It’s all about Acting

Lucy Gamble – I’ts all about Acting

General Interviews

Ken Blackburn – Mr Dorsey

Elizabeth McGlinn – Octavia

Michael Wesley Smith – Giles

Loren Horsley – Sabrina

Victoria Spence – Antony/Antonia

Lucy Gamble – Sophie May

Lee Donaghue – Josh Montana

Laura Wilson – Jet Marigold

Richard Lambeth – Coach Shane

Todd Emerson – Beanie Weanie

Bonus Christmas Interview

CHRISTMAS INTERVIEW with Michael Wesley Smith (Giles), Victoria Spence (Antonia) and Laura Wilson (Jet)Special Interview with Santa Claus

Creator Interview

Raymond Thompson – Executive Producer and Creator of Atlantis High