Elizabeth McGlinn plays Octavia Vermont in Atlantis High

Elizabeth McGlinn plays Octavia Vermont in Atlantis High

Full Name? – Elizabeth Sarah Jane McGlinn
Date of Birth – 7th June 1981

Star Sign? – Gemini

Place of Birth – Dunedin, NZ

Height – 5′ 5″

Natural hair colour – Dark Blonde

Natural eye colour – Green

Do you wear glasses/contacts – No

Favourite meal – Breakfast – fresh fruit especially berries, pineapple and macadamia nuts – also sushi and sashimi (but not for breakfast).


Favourite drink – Carrot juice with ginger in it.


Single/attached – Attached


Favourite holiday destination – Anywhere I haven’t been before, though I like Stockholm very much.


Favourite pastimes/hobbies – Painting, drawing, cooking, swimming in the sea.

Top 3 CD’s of the moment – “Big Night” Soundtrack, “Moulin Rouge” Soundtrack, Diana Krall “All for you”

Top 3 movies of the moment – Lord of the Rings! and Pretty Woman

Favourite book of all time – The Prophet – by Kahlit Gibran is the best book of all time.

Favourite actor/actress – Emma Thompson and Julia Roberts and Daniel Auteil

– Cookie Monster – you’d always get some bits of cookie


Favourite saying – “You must be the change you wish to see in the world” – Ghandi


Brothers/sisters – 1 brother, 18 months older


Live at home / flatting – Flatting with four others


Idea man – If I love them, they’ll be ideal for me
Sum yourself up in 5 words – Changeable, striving, adaptable, odd, light

Get somebody else to sum you up in 5 words – Argumentative, loving, busy, bright, kind (my grandmother)