“Austin Powers meets Happy Days meets Greece”

Atlantis High takes a humorous look at the stereotypical world of soap television, movie stars and aliens.beach Atlantis High, from the award-winning television production company Cloud 9, is a spoof melodrama that captures the milieu of soap television in a zany, creative and visually colourful way.

Imagine a world where aliens rule supreme, bronzed hunks and beauty queens mingle with secret agents and superheroes, and the Underworld takes on a whole new meaning.

Set in a stereotypical American High School reputedly built on the lost city of Atlantis, Atlantis High is pure family entertainment that will appeal to all ages.

Created by Raymond Thompson, Chief Executive of Cloud 9 Screen Entertainment, Atlantis High revolves arsupervillainound themes that deal with human drama and interplay, alien discovery, love and teenage angst. The series pays homage to the great soap operas and spoof television movies of our time, such as the icon series “Soap”, and the themes of coming of age explored in classics like American Graffiti.

“Atlantis High is an affectionate send-up of soap television and encompasses everything stimulating about television, and will really challenge an audience in an unique way entertaining them from start to finish with surprising twists and turns — every step of the way” says high school danceMr Thompson. “This is a series which pushes creative boundaries, let alone the imagination to the very limits and far beyond”.

Available as 26 x half-hour episodes, the series follows the adventures of a 16-year-old nerd, Giles Gordon, who moves with his eccentric mother (Dorothy) and Grandpa to Sunset Cove, a beautiful coastal surfing town where the sun is always shining, the people are all beautiful and where everything is perfect . . . or so it seems.

But Giles soon discovers that the inhabitants of Sunset Cove are in fact comlovepletely wacky and eccentric characters, especially the students and teachers at the new school, Atlantis High.Giles’ world is turned upside down as he encounters students with pointy ears, blue hair and psychic powers, teachers who are obsessed with their looks and who have a fondness for eating rodents; andsecret rooms, double-agents, conspiracy theories and wild imaginations.

Atlantis High features innovative special effects, spectacular soapy story lines, mystery, suspense, shaky sets, auteur camera angles and a whole lot of fun, craziness and heart. 

Expect a wild roller coaster ride as Giles tries to discover the mystery surrounding his new home. As the adventures continue to unfold, his life is about to change forever in ways he never expected . . .



Atlantis High music is now available! Check out the links below to buy the soundtrack. 🙂

“The music behind Atlantis High is a smorgasbord of rich and diverse sounds from the classic Beach Boys-style ” theme song” to a selection of styles including Hollywood romantic, epic sci fi and exotic latin music.”


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The world’s greatest human scientist (though some would say he is no human being at all) just happens to teach at Atlantis High.  Eccentric but with a vast intellect, Mr Dorsey’s mind is a vast treasure trove of trivia… or bluffing.  Below are some of the lessons he has taught his science class.  Can you tell what is true and what is false from this mysterious teacher’s teachings?

Did you Know – Balloons
1.Did you Know – Beauty
2.Did you Know – Dancing
3.Did you Know – Beedley Boppers
4.Did you Know – Cleaning
5.Did you Know – Vegetables
6.Did you Know – Typing
7.Did you Know – Bread
8.Did you Know – Internet
9.Did you Know – James Bond
10.Did you Know – Shakespeare
11.Did you Know – Suntans
12.Did you Know – Underwear
13.Did you Know – CATS
14.Did you Know – Spain
15.Did you Know – Shoes
16.Did you Know – Money
17.Did you Know – Flamenco Dancing
18.Did you Know – Dogs
19.Did you Know – Halloweeeeeeeeen
20.Did you Know – Round Things
21.Did you Know – Teenagers
22.Did you Know – Computers
23.Did you Know – Swimming
24.Did you Know – Easter
25.Did you Know – Villains
26.Did you Know – Men
27.Did you Know – The Human Body
28.Did you Know – Teeth
29.Did you Know – Las Vegas
30.Did you Know – Hair
31.Did you Know – Food
32.Did you Know – Schools
33.Did you Know – Weddings
34.Did you Know – Atlantis High
35.Did you Know – Aliens
36.Did you Know – Talkshows
37.Did you Know – Music
38.Did you Know – Beaches and Babes
39.Did you Know – New Years
40.Did you Know – Christmas Part 2
50.Did you Know – Christmas
51.Did you Know – Shopping and Presents
52.Did you Know – Thanksgiving
53.Did you Know – Bonfire Night / Guy Fawkes
54.Did you Know – Halloween
55.Did you Know – Television
56.Did you Know – Merry Christmas!


Behind The Scenes

How is a television series made? Below is an overview of the elements and processes that are involved in bringing Atlantis High from an idea to a finished television show that will be broadcast all around the world. Click an element of the production overview below for more information:

Art Department
Art Department
Special effects
Special effects
Animal wrangling
Animal wrangling

Interviews List

View all the interviews with member of the main cast of Atlantis High as they discuss their characters, favourites, life and more…

Head to Head

Head to Head with Dorothy and Joanne Mildenhall

Head to Head with Octavia and Elizabeth McGlinn

Head to Head with Loren Horsley and Sabrina

Head to Head with Richard Lambeth and Coach Shane

Head to head with laura Wilson and Jet

Head to Head with Lucy Gamble and Sophie

Head to Head with Victoria Spence and Antonia

Up Close and Personal

Up Close and Personal with Joanne Mildenhall (Dorothy)

Up Close and Personal with Loren Horsley (Sabrina)

Up Close and Personal with Elizabeth McGlinn (Octavia)

Up Close and Personal with Richard Lambeth (Coach Shane)

Up Close and Personal with Victoria Spence (Antonia)

Up Close and Personal with Laura Wilson (Jet)

Up Close and Personal with Michael Wesley Smith

Up Close and Personal with Lucy Gamble (Sophie)

In Depth and Invasive

Joanne Mildenhall – In Depth and Invasive

Victoria Spence – In Depth and Invasive

Elizabeth McGlinn – In Depth and Invasive

Richard Lambeth – In Depth and Invasive

Laura Wilson – In Depth and Invasive

Lucy Gamble – In Depth and Invasive

It’s all about Acting

Richard Lambeth – It’s all about Acting

Victoria Spence – It’ all about Acting

Elizabeth McGlinn – It’s all about Acting

Loren Horsley – It’s all about Acting

Laura Wilson – It’s all about Acting

Michael Wesley Smith – It’s all about Acting

Lucy Gamble – I’ts all about Acting

General Interviews

Ken Blackburn – Mr Dorsey

Elizabeth McGlinn – Octavia

Michael Wesley Smith – Giles

Loren Horsley – Sabrina

Victoria Spence – Antony/Antonia

Lucy Gamble – Sophie May

Lee Donaghue – Josh Montana

Laura Wilson – Jet Marigold

Richard Lambeth – Coach Shane

Todd Emerson – Beanie Weanie

Bonus Christmas Interview

CHRISTMAS INTERVIEW with Michael Wesley Smith (Giles), Victoria Spence (Antonia) and Laura Wilson (Jet)Special Interview with Santa Claus

Creator Interview

Raymond Thompson – Executive Producer and Creator of Atlantis High