How much do you know?  Mr Dorsey, the best teacher in this universe, challenges you – what do you know?  Mr Dorsey has taught the lesson below and claims everything is true – but we believe only 50% of Mr Dorsey’s ‘facts’ are actually truths and the other 50% is false.  Can you spot what is true and what is false?  Can Mr Dorsey be trusted?  Is 100% of what he teaches correct?  Maybe not in this universe – is he instead really out of this world?

The Greek Goddess of beauty is Aphrodite

The word blonde comes from the Latin world blondus (meaning yellow)

Cosmetic surgery really followed on from hollywood films in the 1930’s when everyone wanted to look like the stars

Garlic helps combat wrinkles and restores tissue

President Clinton had cheek implants in 1985

Toners remove all traces of dirt, makeup or cleanser that remain after cleansing

The biological purpose of beauty is to attract for reproduction

Chinese used to bind their hands so as to make them smaller which was considered beautiful

Marilyn Monroe wore a size 6

Models in magazines are never airbrushed