Elizabeth McGlinn plays Octavia Vermont in Atlantis High Page 1

Elizabeth McGlinn plays Octavia Vermont in Atlantis High
Full name? Elizabeth Sarah Jane McGlinn

Date of birth? 7th June 1981

Star Sign? Gemini


What are your top movies/videos at the moment? Lord of the Rings! Pretty Woman


What music do you like? Anything I can sing or dance to, but also classical music. At the moment my favourites are “Big Night” soundtrack, “Moulin Rouge” soundtrack and Diana Krall “All for You”


Have you travelled around? What is your favourite place or places? New Zealand!! – especially central Otago. Also Finland and Wales.


Amateur theatre and piano


What do you think are the properties of a good actor? Versatility, passion and open-mindedness. The ability to love people easily in order to portray your character and to get on with the cast and crew.


How would you describe your character? Octavia is confident, highly skilled, mature.


What was your very first tv role? Justine on a program called Jackson’s Wharf. I was a bully at a teenager’s party, pressuring a younger girl to drink beer.