Joanne Mildenhall plays Dorothy in Atlantis High

Joanne Mildenhall plays Dorothy in Atlantis High

Favourite colour?
Dorothy – All colours
Joanne – Pink


Best subjects at school?

Dorothy – Cleaning and Cooking for the teachers
Joanne – English and French


Worst subjects at school?

Dorothy – Maths
Joanne – Accounting


Hobbies and interests in time-off?

Dorothy – Reading a book and riding a motorcycle
Joanne – Underwater basket weaving

Favourite quote, phrase or motto?

Dorothy – To be him or to be her?
Joanne – Carpe diem


Left or right handed?

Dorothy – Right
Joanne – Left


Favourite food?

Dorothy – Chicken leg soup
Joanne – Tiramisu

Heroes or heroines?

Dorothy – The Big D
Joanne – Ed Hillary


Size of feet?

DorothyOne’s a 5 and one’s a 6
Joanne – Both the same



Dorothy – 165 metres
Joanne – 165cm



Dorothy – Hazel
Joanne – Hazel

Glasses or contacts?

Dorothy – Glasses when I’m trying to look smart like my son Giles
Joanne – No


Dorothy – Dennis
Joanne – Joseph