We have managed to get into Vita’s filing cabinet and extract some information about the people in Sunset Cove. This week we dig deep and find out about Giles Gordon and Michael Wesley Smith.

Giles Gordon– 16 years old
Michael WS – 17 years oldFavourite Flavour of ice cream?
Giles Gordon – Strawberry swirl. Giles says that they do the best ice cream sundaes in The Princess Diner. He loves their milkshakes too.
Michael WS – ChocolateFavourite Movie
Giles Gordon – Hamlet. Giles is a sucker for all things Shakespeare. He loves the romance and the language.
Michael WS – Braveheart

Favourite Music?

Giles Gordon – The Beach Boys. This kind of music is all new to Giles since moving to Sunset Cove and he’s loving it. Before that, Giles was in to classical music in a big way.
Michael WS – U2 and Coldplay

Left or Right handed?
Giles Gordon – Left
Michael WS – Left

Glasses or contacts?

Giles Gordon – glasses
Michael WS – neither

Eye Colour?
Giles Gordon – Browny green
Michael WS – Brown

Ideal Woman?

Giles Gordon – Octavia. The love of his life, a passion in purple. There can be only one.
Michael WS – Jennifer Love Hewitt

Giles Gordon – 5ft 10
Michael WS – 5ft 9

Best Subject at School?
Giles Gordon – English. After the re-write of Romeo and Juliet, Giles has found that he has a real knack for literature and creative writing.
Michael WS – The sciences.