CAST FILES – Josh Montana


We have managed to get into Vita’s filing cabinet and extract some information about the people in Sunset Cove. This week we dig deep and find out about Josh Montana and Lee Donaghue.

Josh Montana– 18 years old
Lee Donaghue– 18 years old
Favourite Flavour of ice cream?
Josh Montana
– Peach. He loves the furry feeling in his mouth.
Lee Donaghue – Chocolate
Favourite Movie
Josh Montana
– Superman
Lee Donaghue – The Matrix
Favourite Music?

Josh Montana – Any music to do with superheroes especially the theme tunes to Superman and Batman.
Lee Donaghue – Favourite band of all time would have to be U2!!

Left or Right handed?

Josh Montana – Left
Lee Donaghue – Right

Glasses or contacts?
Josh Montana – neither I wear V cut lycra shorts with a polyester trim and glitter
Lee Donaghue – Boxers

Eye Colour?

Josh MontanaGreen but a faint pink when Josh steps out as Silver Lining.
Lee Donaghue – Green
Ideal Woman?
Josh Montana – Octavia. The biggest catch in school. With his reputation to uphold, Josh needs the most sought after girl in school.
Lee Donaghue – Meg Ryan, Jessica Alba, Julia Roberts
Josh Montana
– 175cm
Lee Donaghue – 171cm
Best Subject at School?
Josh Montana – Apart from himself and chicks, he loves sports and especially Football.
Lee Donaghue – Physical Eduction, English and Drama
Are you ticklish?
Josh Montana – He would not tell us and was quite sure he wanted that kept secret
Lee Donaghue – Yes I’m very ticklish especially my neck and sides.