Laura Wilson plays Jet Marigold in Atlantis High

Laura Wilson plays Jet Marigold in Atlantis High
IT’S ALL ABOUT ACTING DARLING….At what age did you want to start acting? Ever since I was very young. It’s always been a dream


What was your very first tv/movie role? “Shelly” in Choice


When and why did you get an agent? Shortly after I started on The Tribe. Caleb convinced me I needed one so I got one.

What is the favourite character that you’ve ever played? On film – Jet Marigold. On Stage – A news reporter in the German play “The Visit”.
How did you get the part in Atlantis High? From being in The Tribe.


Sabrina Georgia. I love that character!! She’s got so much depth as a character, and wears cool outfits!

Any favourite Atlantis High scene? All the stuff with Josh and the Hell’s Bikers. That crack’s me up!


Any embarassing moments whilst filming Atlantis High? Beanie and I were filming on the beach. We were walking along and I fell over!

What is the best thing about a career in acting? The money…he he. Nah, the fact that I’m doing something that I love doing as a job!


If you weren’t acting, what would you be doing right now? Working in a bar, or in retail – selling clothes and shoes (another passion of mine!)
Are you hoping to continue with your acting career or do you want to direct/produce/become an astronaut? I would love to continue acting, and maybe direct one day. I don’t think i’m organised enough to direct though. If acting does work out, I’ll do natural healing. I have a degree in aromatherapy and natural healing so that should be sweet!