Michael Wesley Smith plays Giles Gordon in Atlantis High

Michael Wesley Smith plays Giles Gordon in Atlantis High
IT’S ALL ABOUT ACTING DARLING….At what age did you want to start acting? 10


What was your very first tv/movie role? Ricky in a “Safety at Home” video


When and why did you get an agent? When I was 11. To increase my ability to get work.

What is the favourite character that you’ve ever played? Giles Gordon in Atlantis High.

Right place at the right time.


If you could play any other character in Atlantis High, who would it be and why? Josh Montana – He gets to hang around with lots of girls.

Any favourite Atlantis High scene? The Football game.


Any embarassing moments whilst filming Atlantis High? Yes, occasionally I was caught cursing, or I’d done some silly.

What is the best thing about a career in acting? Every day is different.


If you weren’t acting, what would you be doing right now? I’d be at University.
Are you hoping to continue with your acting career or do you want to direct/produce/become an astronaut? I’ll keep acting as a secondary job but I’d probably like to do something in the Medical line.

(Michael started a Medical Degree at University this year (2002))