Loren Horsley plays Sabrina Georgia in Atlantis High

Loren Horsley plays Sabrina Georgia in Atlantis High

At what age did you want to start acting? I’ve always been a show off – 13 maybe?


What was your very first tv/movie role? Playing a dancing bride doll on a wedding cake for an advertisement.


When and why did you get an agent? 1994 – Someone told me it was the best way to get work.

What is the favourite character that you’ve ever played? Pandora – a mad little girl with a stutter.
The Executive in Charge of Production saw me in a play at a theatre in town. It was very exciting to be called out of the blue!


If you could play any other character in Atlantis High, who would it be and why? Lew Siffer – I love the crazy red satin suit. I’ve always wanted to play the devil.

Any favourite Atlantis High scene? The wedding scene when Sophie screams and the wind machine blew everybody over.


Any embarassing moments whilst filming Atlantis High? Yes, being in a bikini and having a ball thrown at my bottom. It took about 7 takes to get right.

The people…they’re always beautifully crazy

If you weren’t acting, what would you be doing right now? I’d hate to think

Are you hoping to continue with your acting career or do you want to direct/produce/become an astronaut? An astronaut!