Elizabeth McGlinn plays Octavia Vermont in Atlantis High

Elizabeth McGlinn plays Octavia Vermont in Atlantis High

At what age did you want to start acting? Around 3! I used to get my cousins together at Christmas and put on plays – like improvised Cinderella one year – we’d dress up by raiding my aunt’s wardrobe.

What was your very first tv/movie role? “Justine” on Jackson’s Wharf. I was a bully at a teenager’s party, pressuring a younger girl to drink beer.


When and why did you get an agent? I first tried when I finished high school/college because I was told that was the only way I could become a professional actor. The agent I chose told me to see her again when I had some training. So I did that and a few months later she accepted me.


Octavia, definitely on tv. On stage my favourite was Lancelot Gobbo, in the Merchant of Venice.


How did you get the part in Atlantis High? First I auditioned for the pilot and I thought I had done so badly and I wanted it so much that I cried when I went home. But a couple of days later my agent called me at the bakery where I worked and told me I got it. So I did series 1 after that.


I Sophie May! Because she’s so quirky, and I love that she can be nice as pie and then suddenly something will trigger her evil streak and she becomes very different.


Do you have any favourite Atlantis High scenes? All the scenes with Commander Vermont and his soldiers.


Were there any embarassing moments whilst filming Atlantis High? While Michael and Laura and I were operating on Don the Janitor, and I fluffed the same line about 10 times!


Constantly reinventing yourself. And representing different personalities to the world. Almost the way a lawyer explains a persons actions.


If you weren’t acting, what would you be doing right now? I’d like to start my own catering business, because I like creating things for people to enjoy and also organising things.

Are you hoping to continue with your acting career or do you want to direct/produce/become an astronaut? I definitely hope to experience the joys and stresses of producing, and if there was something I had a lot of knowledge about and passion for, I would love to direct, but I feel both of those (and being an astronaut too) would mean I would have a lot of learning to do as an actor. At least I’ve made a start there, and that’s where I’ll continue for now. Whatever life throws at me it will be the right thing, whether I choose it or not.