Lucy Gamble plays Sophie May in Atlantis High Page 1

Lucy Gamble plays Sophie May in Atlantis High

“The Truman Show” I love it, it messes with your mind!
What is your favourite colour? Blue


What music do you like? All sorts. Radiohead, Destiny’s Child and Ben Harper at the moment.


When is your birthday? March 2nd 1983


What star sign are you? Pisces


How would you describe your character? She’s fun and bubbly, vivacious but a bit psycho. Not quite with it!


What is your characters’ personality? I think that she’s just crazy. She’s in her own little world.


What are your character’s strengths and weaknesses? She is a strong character and gets what she wants! She has a weakness for ice cream!


What food do you like – any favourite meals or types of food? Cheese cake and Lasagne


Have you travelled around? What is your favourite place or places? I have travelled to the USA. I’d love to travel to Europe.


Are you like your character in real life – if so, then in what ways? I like sport and helping people.