VIctoria Spence plays Antony and Antonia in Atlantis High Page 2

VIctoria Spence plays Antony and Antonia in Atlantis High

What are your characters’ strengths and weaknesses? I think both my characters weaknesses are each other.


What is the most embarassing thing that has happened to you whilst making Atlantis High? While I was playing Antonia my big skirt flew up around my head in a gust of wind! FLASH!


What is the best thing or your favourite moment in making Atlantis High? Just working with such talented actors who were soooo funny! People like Mr Dorsey (Ken Blackburn) made me laugh all the time and during takes.

Are you like your character in real life – if so, then in what ways? Not really but sometimes I can go very crazy.


What has been your hardest scene to film? Not really a scene that was hard but being Antony and trying to talk like a guy and walk like a guy was hard.


What do you do between scenes? Go to school in our special on set school bus! Otherwise just talk and chill out in the greenroom.


How would you describe Atlantis High? Atlantis High is a really unique funny show that is the type of show I would watch. An amazing range of characters with a mixture of established and up and coming actors. A bit like Naked Gun but better.