Victoria Spence plays Antony and Antonia in Atlantis High Page 1

Victoria Spence plays Antony and Antonia in Atlantis High

30 April 1984
Star Sign? Taurus

What is your favourite colour? Blue

What is your favourite film? The Princess Bride

What music do you like? I’m very ecclectic! Anything from Counting Crows to Christina Aguilera to Pearl Jam.


Have you travelled around – what is your favourite place or places? I have never done any travelling overseas except to Australia. But in New Zealand it would be all the beaches up North.


What are your hobbies and interests in time off? Horseriding, singing, dancing and shopping with my friends.


What is your favourite quote or phrase – is there a quote that sums you up? Live life to the fullest and live it for love! (corny I know, but I like it).


What do you think are the properties of a good actor? Charisma, energy, patience and the ability to take and listen to direction.


How would you describe your character? Both Antony and Antonia are very much in love with each other but also a little bit paranoid.


What is your character’s personality? Schizophrenic, really podantic but very friendly (most of the time).