Lucy Gamble plays Sophie May in Atlantis High Page 2

Lucy Gamble plays Sophie May in Atlantis High

What are your hobbies and interests in time off? I like listening to music, going out with my friends and reading magazines. I like driving with my friends and going to a beach or something.

What is the most embarassing thing that has happened to you whilst making’Atlantis High’ ? I yelled “cut” because I’d messed up my lines….”cut” ain’t my job!!


What is the best thing or your favourite moment/event in making ‘Atlantis High’? I loved the times that we were at the beach and the sun was shining and we were all together. I love filming the Prom too.


What is your favourite quote or phrase – is there a quote that sums you up? “Sweet as Baz”


Who are your heroes ro heroines – any actors or actresses you admire, any sports people or celebrities? Kate Winslet ’cause she does some really different movies and Julia Roberts ’cause she’s wicked.


What has been your hardest scene to film? All the ones where I was Sexy Sophie.


What do you do between scenes? I hang out in the camper van, playing silly games.

What do you think are the properties of a good actor? To be willing to concentrate and do some hard work instead of just reading through the lines. An ability to be accepting of other people ’cause you have to spend so much time with them on set.


How long is a typical day in shooting Atlantis High? About 12 hours.


How would you describe Atlantis High? Like nothing you’ve ever seen before!