Behind The Scenes

How is a television series made? Below is an overview of the elements and processes that are involved in bringing Atlantis High from an idea to a finished television show that will be broadcast all around the world. Click an element of the production overview below for more information:

Art Department
Art Department
Special effects
Special effects
Animal wrangling
Animal wrangling

Interviews List

View all the interviews with member of the main cast of Atlantis High as they discuss their characters, favourites, life and more…

Head to Head

Head to Head with Dorothy and Joanne Mildenhall

Head to Head with Octavia and Elizabeth McGlinn

Head to Head with Loren Horsley and Sabrina

Head to Head with Richard Lambeth and Coach Shane

Head to head with laura Wilson and Jet

Head to Head with Lucy Gamble and Sophie

Head to Head with Victoria Spence and Antonia

Up Close and Personal

Up Close and Personal with Joanne Mildenhall (Dorothy)

Up Close and Personal with Loren Horsley (Sabrina)

Up Close and Personal with Elizabeth McGlinn (Octavia)

Up Close and Personal with Richard Lambeth (Coach Shane)

Up Close and Personal with Victoria Spence (Antonia)

Up Close and Personal with Laura Wilson (Jet)

Up Close and Personal with Michael Wesley Smith

Up Close and Personal with Lucy Gamble (Sophie)

In Depth and Invasive

Joanne Mildenhall – In Depth and Invasive

Victoria Spence – In Depth and Invasive

Elizabeth McGlinn – In Depth and Invasive

Richard Lambeth – In Depth and Invasive

Laura Wilson – In Depth and Invasive

Lucy Gamble – In Depth and Invasive

It’s all about Acting

Richard Lambeth – It’s all about Acting

Victoria Spence – It’ all about Acting

Elizabeth McGlinn – It’s all about Acting

Loren Horsley – It’s all about Acting

Laura Wilson – It’s all about Acting

Michael Wesley Smith – It’s all about Acting

Lucy Gamble – I’ts all about Acting

General Interviews

Ken Blackburn – Mr Dorsey

Elizabeth McGlinn – Octavia

Michael Wesley Smith – Giles

Loren Horsley – Sabrina

Victoria Spence – Antony/Antonia

Lucy Gamble – Sophie May

Lee Donaghue – Josh Montana

Laura Wilson – Jet Marigold

Richard Lambeth – Coach Shane

Todd Emerson – Beanie Weanie

Bonus Christmas Interview

CHRISTMAS INTERVIEW with Michael Wesley Smith (Giles), Victoria Spence (Antonia) and Laura Wilson (Jet)Special Interview with Santa Claus

Creator Interview

Raymond Thompson – Executive Producer and Creator of Atlantis High

Cast Files List

We have managed to get into Vita’s filing cabinet and extract some information about the people in Sunset Cove. Read all about each of them below….

1.Mr Dorsey – Ken Blackburn
2.Dorothy Gordon – Joanne Mildenhall
3.Sabrina Georgia – Loren Horsley
4.Antonia/Antony – Victoria Spence
5.Richard Lambeth – Coach Shane
6.Sophie May – Lucy Gamble
7.Octavia Vermont – Elizabeth McGlinn
8.Jet Marigold – Laura Wilson
9.Josh Montana – Lee Donaghue
10.Giles Gordon – Michael Wesley Smith
11.Cast file with Santa and his Imposter


fight scenestunt doubleCloud 9 employs a Stunt Coordinator and specially trained stunt actors to perform certain parts that might be considered too risky for an actor.

First the stunt artist must have similar looks to the actor they are portraying. Stunt artists are professionals and often have great skills in particular fields. Some might be great horse riders, gymnists or martial arts experts.

They bring excitement to risky scenes.

The stunt is rehearsed and carefully guided by the Stunt Coordinator. Mats are used to soften any falls and safety stunt1establishing shotprecautions are used throughout.

An establishing shot of the actor is shot before and after the scene and the stunt person fills in the middle.

When these scenes are cut together it is often difficult to tell that two different people have played the part.



superhero– The wardrobe team consists of designers, pattern makers, seamstresses, and wardrobe representatives on set to ensure the costumes are fitted and sitting appropriately for all scenes.– Their task was to create unique ‘looks’ for several superheroes and villains and a range of weird, classy and eccentric characters. Commander Vermont, while adopting a military/combat style, was also dressed in flowery camouflage uniform. Octavia was always immaculately dressed, usually in purple, while Violet had bright-coloured wigs and weird but classy costumes. Josh Montana adopted the all American college hero image, while his alter-ego, Silver Lining the Superhero, sported a tight lycra pink full suit complete with matching fluffy G string and pink cape. Sabrina was cast as the sultry sex kitten of the show and was always seen in tight and short hot pink outfits with matching accessories such as hot pink fingernails and high hot pink shoes.

– The Aliens’ costumes included a specially adapted tail that poked through the back of the spaceship seat. They also had webbed feet and reptile-like skin costumes.

wardrobeAll costumes were crucial in identifying the characters. Colour was a huge aspect when designing costumes and some characters wore colours that identified their personalities:

-Octavia – Purple
-Jet – Blue
-Sabrina – Hot pink
-Josh (Silver Lining superhero) – Hot pink-Anthony/Antonia – Turquoise/Red

-Violet – wigs
-Beanie – Blue

-The specialist costumes were created in-house with ‘tacky and spoofy’ accessories added for special effect, while other more plain and unadorned garments were purchased through local stores.