Cast File – Santa


We have managed to get into Vita’s filing cabinet and extract some information about the people in Sunset Cove. This week we dig deep and find out about Joanne Mildenhall and Dorothy Gordon.

Cast File – SantaAge?
Santa – Unknown – some say at least 1,000 years old.
Imposter – 45 years old but looking much older

Santa – Ice fishing, reindeer volleyball and figure skating with the penguins.
Imposter – Impersonating


Can you play any instruments?
Santa – The tin whistle and the spoons.
Imposter – The bagpipes


Left or Right handed?
Santa – Both. And can write with feet too.
Imposter – Right handed


Eye Colour?
Santa – Blue.
Imposter – Green/Red

Do you speak any other languages?
Santa – Every language known to man.
Imposter – No, I have enough trouble speaking my own language

Santa – 6ft2
Imposter – 6ft2 (with stilts)


Glasses or contacts?
Santa – Spectacles
Imposter – Rayban sunglasses

Best Subject at School?
Santa – Didn’t go to school as such but the wolves always thought I was good at painting.
Imposter – Theatre sports