We have managed to get into Vita’s filing cabinet and extract some information about the people in Sunset Cove. This week we dig deep and find out about Ken Blackburn and Mr Dorsey

Date of Birth?
Mr Dorsey – Thousands of years ago within zee stars!
Ken Blackburn – who cares?
Place of Birth?
Mr Dorsey – Planet Phenorg
Ken Blackburn – Bristol, England
Favourite holiday destination?
Mr Dorsey – A solar system called Benorgaz
Ken Blackburn – Fiji
Pastimes / hobbies?
Mr Dorsey – Looking for the lost city of Atlantis and Teaching
Ken Blackburn – TravellingGlasses or contacts?
Mr Dorsey – 3 pairs of glasses
Ken Blackburn – 1 pair of glasses


Eye Colour?
Mr Dorsey – Green (surprisingly green)
Ken Blackburn – Blue
Favourite food and drink?
Mr Dorsey Mice
Ken Blackburn
– Fish and Scotch

Mr Dorsey – 5′ 9″
Ken Blackburn – 5′ 9″
Best Subject at School?
Mr Dorsey – Biology, Science
Ken Blackburn – Art, History, English
A favourite quote or phrase?
Mr Dorsey – Have you considered that of the many atoms of which your body is made that they were created millions of years ago within the stars!?
Ken Blackburn – “Qui Seruit Ille Maximus”