CAST FILES – Dorothy Gordon


We have managed to get into Vita’s filing cabinet and extract some information about the people in Sunset Cove. This week we dig deep and find out about Joanne Mildenhall and Dorothy Gordon.

Date of Birth?
Dorothy Gordon – Not sure of the exact date – around 1954
Jo Mildenhall – Yes I’ve got one of those
Favourite holiday destination?
Dorothy Gordon – Sunset Cove!
Jo Mildenhall – Paris, London or New York
Pastimes / hobbies?
Dorothy Gordon – Spying, Surfing.
Jo Mildenhall – Cooking, the dog. (that’s and the dog, not cooking the dog)

Left or Right handed?
Dorothy Gordon – Left
Jo Mildenhall – Right.

Glasses or contacts?
Dorothy Gordon – No
Jo Mildenhall – No

Eye Colour?
Dorothy Gordon – Hazel/Green
Jo Mildenhall – Hazel
Favourite food and drink?
Dorothy Gordon Chicken Soup
Jo Mildenhall
– Chicken, Advocado and Brie. Champagne

Dorothy Gordon – 100cm
Jo Mildenhall – 165cm
Best Subject at School?
Dorothy Gordon – Cooking
Jo Mildenhall – English and French