CAST FILES – Sabrina


We have managed to get into Vita’s filing cabinet and extract some information about the people in Sunset Cove. This week we dig deep and find out about Sabrina Georgia and Loren Horsley.

Sabrina – 17-18 years old
Loren Horsley – 25 years old
Star Sign?
Sabrina – She must be a scorpio, she loves men and she’s feisty!
Loren Horsley – Scorpio
Top 3 movies of the moment?
Sabrina – How to be a millionaires wife, You are the best and you know it, Beauty, Beauty, Beauty!
Loren Horsley – Monsters, Rain and Heart of Darkness
Natural Hair Colour?
Sabrina – Born with Peroxide blonde
Loren Horsley – Can’t remember!Left or Right handed?
Sabrina – Right
Loren Horsley – Right



Glasses or contacts?

Sabrina – Not unless they’re a fashion statement!
Loren Horsley – No


Eye Colour?
Sabrina – Blue but watch them turn red!
Loren Horsley – Blue
Ideal Man?
Sabrina – Good looking, amazingly wealthy and knows when to keep his mouth shut!
Loren Horsley – ummmm….

Sabrina – 5ft 7 – those high heels do wonders!
Loren Horsley – 5ft 4
Favourite Quote or Phrase?
Sabrina – “What am I, fly paper for freaks?!”
Loren Horsley – “Imagination is more important than knowledge”