Richard Lambeth plays Coach Shane in Atlantis High

Richard Lambeth plays Coach Shane in Atlantis High


Favourite colour?
Richard – Blue
Coach Shane – Red but only if it’s skimpy and tight


Best subjects at school?

Richard – English, sport (is that a subject?)
Coach Shane – Sport! But only if it’s not strenuous and only if I’m on the sideline


Worst subjects at school?

Richard – Everything else, maths and science
Coach Shane – All I did was sport!


Hobbies and interests in time-off?

Richard – Sport, movies, chillin with friends

Coach Shane – Looking in the mirror, getting a tan, muscle toning
Favourite quote, phrase or motto?

Richard – Behind every man there is a woman…with simply nothing to wear.
Coach Shane – “Stick to the game plan!” “Hey gorgeous!”


Left or right handed?

Richard – Right!
Coach Shane – Ambidextrous!


Favourite food?

Richard – Chinese and Italian
Coach Shane – Body Enhancer

Heroes or heroines?

Richard – Sir Richard Hadlee (NZ Cricketer) and Madonna
Coach Shane – I’m the hero! I’m my hero!


Size of feet?

Richard8 1/2
Coach Shane – 20


Richard – 5’10”
Coach Shane – He’s really a midget at 3’5″



Richard – Blue
Coach Shane – Blue

Glasses or contacts?

Richard – No
Coach Shane – Only when the look takes my fancy


Richard – Beef
Coach Shane – “Coach” “Shaney” “Gorgeous” “Stunner” – take your pick!