Make Up

Make up

make-up– During the making of a television series, the Makeup Department are given special designs and instructions to recreate a professional and special ‘look’ required by the Executive Producers. They then use their specialist skills and techniques to enhance that image. Atlantis High required a bronzed and tanned image which meant the cast had to be body washed with a fake tan. The extras were also covered in a beige/bronze makeup for that tanned effect. Bright lipsticks and blush were also used on the “extras” in order to create a glowing and rosy ‘look’.– Other interesting features the Makeup Department had to recreate were latex body parts, i.e. noses and ears. For example, Violet had a nose made entirely of latex, which, while looking real, was also meant to look as fake as possible for better effect and to enhance the gag! At one point she even ripped her nose off!

make-up2– Beanie had ears that protruded way beyond the normal length. They were almost alien-like and had to be attached every day before filming. These ears had to look real as they were an essential part of his bizarre character.

– The Aliens’ makeup was the most intricate of all and sometimes took up to three hours to apply. Heads were shaven and skull caps used to create that bald look and one whacky alien had his hair laquered into strange designs. Make-up was applied heavily to include special veins, colours, additional skin, and some actors also wore coloured contact lenses.