Victoria Spence plays Antonia/Antony in Atlantis High

Victoria Spence plays Antonia/Antony in Atlantis High

Favourite colour?
Victoria – Blue
Antonia – Yellow


Best subjects at school?

Victoria – English and Art History
Antonia – Science with Mr Dorsey!!


Victoria – Maths and any science’s
Antonia – Sports


Hobbies and interests in time-off?

Victoria – Horse riding, shopping, dancing
Antonia – Love letters and poetry


Favourite quote, phrase or motto?

Victoria – Live life to the fullest
Antonia – “He loves me!”


Left or right handed?

Victoria – right
Antonia – right


Favourite food?

Victoria – Italian and Chinese
Antonia – Blue fluffy milkshakes!

Heroes or heroines?

Victoria – Wonder Woman
Antonia – Antony and Mr Dorsey


Size of feet?

Victoria5 1/2 – 6
Antonia – 8



Victoria – 173cm
Antonia – 183cm



Victoria – blue
Antonia – blue

Glasses or contacts?

Victoria – No
Antonia – No way!


Victoria – Tor, Tori, Taz, hey you!
Antonia – Only ever Antonia (never call her Antony!)