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Todd Emerson plays Beanie Weanie in Atlantis High
What time do you wake up when filming?

TE If I’m not working, after lunchtime. If I am working anytime between 4.45am and 7.00am.

Q When do you start work normally?

TE On a good day about 10.00am but usually a lot earlier. It just depends on what scenes I’m in for the day.

Q How long does it take to get through Wardrobe and Makeup?

TE Wardrobe normally only takes about 10 minutes, but makeup takes a good hour at least because of the prosthetic ears.

Q What is the process for shooting when you are at the studio or on Location?

TE After we get picked up and go through wardrobe and makeup, we normally sit in the cast camper and sit around with the other actors until an Assistant Director calls us to do a scene.

Q What time do you finish working normally?

TE Normally if we are in until the last scene then it could be 7.00pm but we go overtime quite a lot so it could be around 8.00pm. There are also days when I’m only in the first scene and I’m out by 9.00am.