Richard Lambeth plays Coach Shane in Atlantis High Page 2

Richard Lambeth plays Coach Shane in Atlantis High

Q Anything else you can tell us about a day on the set of Atlantis High?

RL I have a great time whenever I work. I usually sneak away with a rugby ball and kick it around with Michael between scenes. We always get in trouble iwth the makeup people because we get all sweaty and our makeup runs. I just laugh and joke around with the other actors. We rehearse our lines and scenes and pull pranks on each other. It’s great.

Q How did you get into acting?

RL I had always wanted to. So I did a one day acting and modelling course. I then went to Drama School and got a Bachelor or Performing Arts.

Q What has been your hardest scene to film?

RL The Romeo and Juliet stuff at the school. It was hard because Coach Shane’s world is crumbling around him.

Q What do you do between scenes?

RL Sometimes watch t.v. Kick a ball around with Michael Wesley Smith and get all sweaty.

Q How long is a typical day in shotting Atlantis High?

RL About 12 hours.

Q How would you describe Atlantis High?

RL A place where there is always something happening. You could never be bored at Atlantis High.