Just a school kid or something more?  These exclusive pictures of some of Beanie’s travels suggest there is a whole lot more to Beanie Weanie.  Could he be an alien?  How has he visited so many places and times throughout history?  Our Photoshop expert insists there is no trickery involved here… If a picture paints a thousand words, Beanie presents a thousand mysteries… with all the places he’s been to, what does it mean?



When Beanie was younger he used to love going to stay with the American Indians.

Beanie loves nature and loved their simple way of life. This is one of Beanie’s “families”. Beanie still does not know where his real family is but as far as he’s concerned they’re right here.

Beanie loved the teepees although his first time there he mistook them for piles of sticks for fires and set every one of them alight!

Shiny Round Things…

Shiny Round Things…

Round things surround us and few people ever notice. They are just a part of our everyday lives. But local Sunset Cove resident Beanie Weanie has developed a real fascination for anything that is round, especially if it is shiny.

Beanie has been totally fixated with showerheads and has spent hours sketching them. He could have got in to serious trouble through his spying as he was actually looking in to the girls shower room at Atlantis High!

Beanie has been known to run away at speed with Frisbees, hubcaps, cymbals, satellite dishes, hats, plates and cheeseburgers. There is no stopping Beanie when he gets locked on to something and his obsession with all things round can escalate out of control quite rapidly.

Beanie was actually close to arrest at one stage due to his theft of a hubcap from a police car in Sunset Cove. Luckily his pal Giles Gordon was there to take the rap and Beanie was left free to continue in his quest for round things.