Todd Emerson plays Beanie Weanie in Atlantis High Page 2

Todd Emerson plays Beanie Weanie in Atlantis High

Q Anything else you can tell us about a day on the set of Atlantis High?

TE Umm….yeah, it’s incredible how many people ask if my ears are real….How dumb can you be!!! So if it was you, watch out….

Q How did you get into acting?

TE When I was six years old, I saw Les Miserables in Auckland and told my parents that was what I was going to do when I grew up.

Q What has been your hardest scene to film?

TE The one where I’m having dinner at Giles’ house and pretending to be a real bloke because the lines were so random to try to remember.

Q What do you do between scenes?

TE Learn my lines, chat with the actors and crew, try not to get into mischief….

Q How long is a typical day in shotting Atlantis High?

TE Around 10 3/4 hours.

Q How would you describe Atlantis High?

TE Like a dream.