CAST FILES – Coach Shane


We have managed to get into Vita’s filing cabinet and extract some information about the people in Sunset Cove. This week we dig deep and find out about Coach Shane and Richard Lambeth.

Coach Shane – 32 years old and probably still lives with his mother
Richard Lambeth – 26 years oldStar Sign?
Coach Shane – Pisces
Richard Lambeth – Pisces

Top 3 movies of the moment?
Coach Shane – Jane Fonda’s Aerobic video 1, 2 and 3
Richard Lambeth – The Others, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter

Favourite Music?

Coach Shane – Classical and Latin American
Richard Lambeth – Backstreet Boys, Jay 2, Blue Print

Left or Right handed?
Coach Shane – Right
Richard Lambeth – Right

Glasses or contacts?

Coach Shane – No
Richard Lambeth – No, 20, 20 vision

Eye Colour?

Coach Shane – Blue with a sparkle
Richard Lambeth – Blue

Ideal Woman?

Coach Shane – Tanned, beautiful and always wearing designer clothes
Richard Lambeth – A sense of humour, dark hair and eyes, likes sport

Coach Shane – 5ft 10
Richard Lambeth – 5ft 10

Favourite Quote or Phrase?
Coach Shane – “What’s the game plan?!”
Richard Lambeth – “A man’s got to know his limitations” – Dirty Harry and “It takes 20 years to make an overnight success”