DR LEGGS’ report on JOSH MONTANA (Lee Donaghue)

DR LEGGS’ report on JOSH MONTANA (Lee Donaghue) 

Hello, I am Dr Leggs, the resident psychiatrist of Sunset Cove. Many interesting people come to see me about their problems (and you can sometimes see me in Atlantis High!). Each week I’m profiling different Sunset Covers – and this week is the playboy of Atlantis High – Josh Montana.

Name:Josh Montana
Age: 17

Head boy and star quarterback of Atlantis High

Appearance:Handsome, square-jawed and well groomed, Josh always dresses impeccably in expensive clothes – and is very often accompanied by one or more adoring gorgeous females who love this rich hunk.
Past History:Josh is the heir apparent of the immensely wealthy Montana family, one of the richest in the country. He has enough money to buy anything – and is happy to flaunt his wealth to impress females, Josh: “Octavia, why don’t we discuss my family’s immense equity and real estate holdings?”
Motives:Josh enjoys female company and is happy to be pampered and spoilt by the huge number of females who find him irresistible. But his main aim is to become boyfriend to the beauty and brains of Atlantis High – Octavia Vermont. It just happens Octavia can’t stand his vanity and lack of intelligence compared to her own. Josh is very competitive and wants to be #1 in everything that he does.
Influences:Coach Shane. The sports and fitness guru of Atlantis High has a wealth of knowledge he is happy to share with his sports star, Josh. The two have a close bond and Shane gives advice on looking good, keeping your tan up, and what to do with babes. Josh greatly appreciates Shane’s philosophy and sports analogies on life.
Strengths: Fantastic at sports, handsome, wealthy – the list could go on and on. But in addition, Josh is deep down a really good person and despite some of his deficiencies, would do the best he can to help others.
Weaknesses: Amazing vanity – Josh loves to comb his hair for hours in the mirror and ponder what to wear. He is also not – shall we say – highly intelligent…
Catchphrases: (to Giles always) – “Hey Geekboy”, (to Octavia) – “Hey Octavia, why don’t we…”
Secrets:Josh has a secret but he has refused to divulge it yet to anyone – even myself.

There are whispers on the Sunset Cove grapevine that Josh really has another identity. Some claim he could be the mysterious Silver Lining superhero, but surely this can’t be?