DR LEGGS’ report on JET MARIGOLD (Laura Wilson)

DR LEGGS’ report on JET MARIGOLD (Laura Wilson) 

Hello, I am Dr Leggs, the resident psychiatrist of Sunset Cove. Many interesting people come to see me about their problems (and you can sometimes see me in Atlantis High!). Each week I’m profiling different Sunset Covers – and this week is the wacky chick with blue hair – Jet Marigold.

Name:Jet Marigold
Age: 17

Eccentric student at Atlantis High – very much an individual

Appearance:Blue haired, Jet stands out from the crowd. Not just with her hair – she has a really “different” sense of fashion and loves to wear sometimes conflicting clothes – like a kilt and a blue t-shirt with a skull and cross bones! She normally wears some type of bangles or necklaces.
Past History:Jet was very secretive about this. She claims she has “normal” parents but I am not sure what aspects of her past explain her unique individuality in terms of appearance – and behaviour. Jet is not your everyday “miss usual” and she has been very coy about her past.
Motives:Discovering the truth. Jet has a great desire to uncover a myriad of conspiracy theories that she sees – practically everywhere. She has a sense of justice and wants to help others – and unmask hidden agendas or sinister motives of others…
Influences:Beanie. At first, Jet was appalled by the kid with the big ears. But as time marches on, Jet finds Beanie very attractive – because he is a “weirdo” and does things his own way – much the same way that Jet does things her own way. They are two individual peas in a pod.
Strengths: Her imagination – Jet has an amazingly vivid mind and sees things other people may not see. She also has a great stubborn streak and sense of determination – once she sets her mind on doing something, she will let nothing get in her way. With a sense of justice, she is bent on writing wrongs.
Weaknesses: Her imagination – Jet can sometimes get totally carried away by her mind and what she perceive as others’ hidden motives (when there may be nothing really there in reality for her to worry about). Her imagination can make her paranoid – when she visited me, she claimed I was part of a diary manufacturer conspiracy to force people to buy more diaries so they could record what happened at their therapy sessions… but I don’t even have a diary? Jet also has a weakness phsyically due to her allergy to fresh food – everything she eats must be processed and she consumes vast amounts of vitamins.
Catchphrases: (to Beanie ) – “Beanie. you are so weird!”, (to everybody) – “It’s really a conspiracy…””
Secrets:Jet secretly has confided in me that she is attracted to Beanie a great deal – is this just as a friend or could it turn into something romantic maybe?

Despite Jet’s rigorous denials, there have been rumours on the Sunset Cove grapevine that Jet’s blue hair is really dyed, although she claims it is natural. She also denies claims she is party of a conspiracy to spread conspiracy theories…