DR LEGGS’ report on OCTAVIA VERMONT (Elizabeth McGlinn)

DR LEGGS’ report on OCTAVIA VERMONT (Elizabeth McGlinn)

Hello, I am Dr Leggs, the resident psychiatrist of Sunset Cove. Many interesting people come to see me about their problems (and you can sometimes see me in Atlantis High!). Each week I’m profiling different Sunset Covers – and this week is the beautiful and enigmatic Octavia Vermont.

Name:Octavia Vermont
Age: 17 years old but seems oh so much more mature

High school beauty teen and academic dream queen

Appearance:Always immaculately dressed in various shades of purple. Knee high boots or sexy kitten heels are a great favourite. Long line jackets and Alice hair bands complete the look.
Past History:On the surface it appears that all is perfect in this esteemed Sunset Cove family. The Vermont’s are a happily married couple, live in a dream house and the Commander has a record of heroism in the army (or does he…) Mrs. Vermont is the ideal mother and both parents dote on their only child. Octavia has always done well academically and socially and everyone in Sunset Cove is very fond of her (apart from Sabrina).
Motives:Octavia wants the world to be a safe place and works hard to make sure it is kept that way. She will stop at nothing to follow through with her instincts and watches people very closely indeed in case she can learn something from them. Octavia also seems to want to find her true love, her soulmate, and holds back from guys she considers to be a waste of space. She does not play the usual ‘getting on with people’ game and talks to people only when and if she feels like doing so.
Influences:Octavia is not influenced by anybody! She is one smart cookie and knows exactly what she wants to do and will just get out there and do it. She does not follow the crowd and ‘peer pressure’ is not a phrase in her dictionary.
Strengths: This chick is a sassy dresser, a championship swimmer and gymnast – she is smart, kind, sensitive, knows all sorts of secret codes, can speak several languages and is a master in the martial arts. A good cook, homekeeper and friend to those she lets in to her heart. Octavia can keep a secret and is wonderful at creeping around, unnoticed force to contend with indeed.
Weaknesses: Octavia has a weakness for true love and when she finds it I think there will be some major problems. It will throw her off balance more than she thinks possible. Octavia is a sucker for secrets and mysteries and the more there is to find out, the more involved Octavia becomes. She is like a pit bull terrier when it comes to secrets and mysteries, she just won’t let them go until she knows the truth behind them.
Catchphrases: “The wildebeest may be migrating but the seahorse counts his blessings” – “Josh I am NOT interested” – “Hi Giles” – “But Mother” – “What do you mean…?”
Secrets:.Oh there’s a storm a comin’ I am sure. There is more mystery behind this girlie than there are to the Mysteries of the Great Pyramids.

I’m certainly not one to gossip. I swore the Hypocrite’s oath and all but I have heard whispers in the Princess Diner that Octavia is involved with a secret service of some sort. And that her family is not quite as it seems…and uh, that she is not really a blonde!