DR LEGGS’ report on SABRINA GEORGIA (Loren Horsley)

DR LEGGS’ report on SABRINA GEORGIA (Loren Horsley)

Hello, I am Dr Leggs, the resident psychiatrist of Sunset Cove. Many interesting people come to see me about their problems (and you can sometimes see me in Atlantis High!). Each week I’m profiling different Sunset Covers – and this week is the sexy and slightly sinister Sabrina Georgia

Name:Sabrina Georgia
Age: Suspicious 17 years

The sexy sultry siren of Atlantis High School

Appearance:Pink is the colour for this 21st century babe. She favours hot pants or short flirty skirts teamed with pink high heely weely sandals or knee high boots.
Past History:This pink pariah keeps her personal life very much to herself. She socialises and hangs out in Sunset Cove but I for one have never seen or heard of any family. Sabrina has always lived in Sunset Cove but I am not sure where.
Motives:Sabrina wants one thing…MONEY! She loves the good things in life and believes that the easy route to the easy life would be to marry the gorgeous head boy, Josh Montana. Sabrina is very territorial and tries to keep other beautiful girls away from her man. Miss. Georgia wants to be in control at all times and will take charge of any situation she can to enable her to be the boss lady.
Influences:Sabrina is influenced purely by fashion and her desire to be rich. She is not influenced by teachers or her school friends and basically does her own thing in her quest to be the most glamorous material girl of Sunset Cove.
Strengths: This chick is totally strong in every way. She knows exactly what she wants and sticks to the path to achieve her goals. Sabrina is great at cheerleading and at choosing sexy clothes. She is the best person to apply false eyelashes and is a demon manicurist.
Weaknesses: Sabrina’s weaknesses are money and clothes. She spends a lot of her cash on looking fine and has been known to overspend in her mission for glamour.
Catchphrases: “Like totally” – “Uber goober” – “I want that dress” – “Get away from me Geek Boy” – “Josh…”
Secrets:.There is a secret here…I think that Sabrina is very shy and insecure and she keeps that side of herself a big secret from everybody.

Whispers in the wind say that Miss Georgia is about to embark upon a career of naughtiness and that she has been in a bit of a bad mood lately. Silver Lining had better watch out because Sabrina might just try her luck with him. She has been getting nowhere with Josh Montana and it stands to reason that she might attempt to seduce his alter ego.