DR LEGGS’ report on COMMANDER VERMONT (Ray Henwood)

DR LEGGS’ report on COMMANDER VERMONT (Ray Henwood).

Hello, I am Dr Leggs, the resident psychiatrist of Sunset Cove. Many interesting people come to see me about their problems (and you can sometimes see me in Atlantis High!). Each week I’m profiling different Sunset Covers – and this week is the most eccentric military person you’ll ever see – Commander Vermont

Name:Commander Vermont (His first name not known although Mrs Vermont calls him “Sweetie”).
Age: Probably around 60

Wife to Mrs Vermont and Father of Octavia – he is a military man.

Appearance:Nearly always dressed in fatigues or a smart formal military uniform. Vermont is always working with his troops.
Past History:His history is a mystery as Octavia discovers. All anyone knows of him is that he was a high ranking military man. Mrs Vermont thinks that Octavia “…can’t handle the truth” about the secrets within the family surrounding Commander Vermont but it might all come out soon…
Motives:Vermont is on the look out for aliens. The slightest movement or hint that there is one around and he is off! With his loyal troops at his side Vermont is determined to track them down for the good of his country.
Influences:Octavia means a lot to Commander Vermont and he would do anything for her. He will always help her whenever he can. He doesnt’ have too much to do with Mrs Vermont. She is happy spending his money on tv gimicks.
Strengths: Commander Vermont is a leader and this obviously took him to the top of the military. He can round up his troops and deliver orders at a moment’s notice. He knows all sorts of tracking and armed manoeuvers.
Weaknesses: Commander Vermont just can’t forget the military and retire. The military will always be a part of his life and he knows no different. When the good of his country is at stake, Commander Vermont is ready to give up his life.
Catchphrases: “Right men! We’re moving out!”
Secrets:Commander Vermont’s life is a total secret. Nothing is known about him, when did he join the military? What did he do before that? And who is he really working for?

Rumour is that Commander Vermont is not who he says he is. He may not perhaps know this himself or he is very good at covering it up. His life before getting married is full of rumours and one of them is that he could be the “Big D”.