DR LEGGS’ report on SPOOK

DR LEGGS’ report on SPOOK

Hello, I am Dr Leggs, the resident psychiatrist of Sunset Cove. Many interesting people come to see me about their problems (and you can sometimes see me in Atlantis High!). This week I’m profiling the infamous “Spook” of Sunset Cove.

Age: He doesn’t age but has been around for hundreds of years

The most famous ghost in Sunset Cove

Appearance:Very spooky. Mostly dressed in white, he shivers and shakes and moans. Sometimes he takes on identities other than himself – if you look too far into his eyes you might see yourself!
Past History:Spook has lived on Haunted Hill for hundreds of years. No one knows the real story of why he is there but legend has it that there was once a whole family of ghosts living in the mansion on the hill but as they made peace with their death they vanished… Only Spook is left.
Motives:Spook is actually a very nice ghost. He is good friends with Fluffy Muffin as are most super natural things in Sunset Cove.
Influences:Spook is strongly influenced by anyone that lives in the mansion. The house is sold fairly often as no one likes to live there for long – although they like the house and the magnificent views there’s something that’s not quite right about the whole place. But when a family is there Spook is like a child. He wails and moans all night and gets so excited at being able to do ghosty things.
Strengths: Spook has an amazing vocal range. He can hit octaves you’ve never even heard of. His wailing and moaning is famous in Sunset County. But he’s such a modest ghost that he’d never admit he was great.
Weaknesses: Shyness is Spook’s weakness. He doesn’t like to be seen very often and definitely likes to keep a low profile. He gets all embarassed and hides if anyone tries to talk to him. The only time he’s loud and scary is when he’s at his mansion and doing his ghosty thing.
Catchphrases: “Whooooooooooooooooooooooooo”
Secrets:Legend has it that Spook is actually the ghost of little Johnny Bignet. Johnny and his family lived in Sunset Cove in the 1810’s and mysteriously disappeared on the eve of Halloween

Rumours are that the mansion on the hill might be demolished to make way for some new apartments. Spook and Fluffy Muffin have a plan in place if it ever looks like this will happen. Spook will stop being nice to anyone that lives in the house and will take drastic moves to keep his home.