Where is Beanie? This photo was mysteriously found and it is hard to find an explanation on where it might have been taken. Could this be where Beanie grew up? How long ago was it? Beanie is certainly old…but how old?

A strange place but Beanie appears to look very happy in this photo. It looks like a very spiritual place….


Where is Beanie this time? For a while Beanie did talk about forks he had seen that were 10 times larger than himself. He didn’t understand why they were there and pondered for ages about where the knives might be…


Beanie seems to have been everywhere. While visiting Egypt he was forever hiding though, thinking that the great big pussy cat with the human head was going to eat him.

It’s almost impossible to reason with Beanie once he has an idea in his head…


Where is Beanie? This photo seems to have been taken at a beautiful old house that could be anywhere in the world. 

Beanie looks like he is merely loitering around outside of the house. Does he want to go in? Is this where he was born? Or is he frightened about what might be inside the house?