Q“Mr Quentin” is a passionate confidant of all the students – who can’t help but notice that there is something strange about the man. Some suspect he is an alien emperor who masquerades as the school guidance counselor at Atlantis High. With his manic laugh and and long fingernails, they could have a point. Who is “Q” really? And who does he work for?

Q loves the colour green. He is always wearing a medallion or two. Just who – or what – is this person? Is he really the leader of a secret intelligence agency – if not, then why is he always watching what is going on in Sunset Cove on secret surveillance cameras? And who are the mysterious Ninjas that Q sends on missions? 

Brian Sergent
Brian has worked with Cloud 9 before on The Adventures of Swiss Family Robinson, the Legend of William Tell, and now Atlantis High, where he portrays the mysterious and enigmatic Q with great artistry. Brian is an experienced actor on both stage and the small and big screen.Q