Episode 22

EPISODE TWENTY TWODOROTHY quizzes GRAMPA about her past. GRAMPA is evasive.

The charming MR NITE appoints VITA as the new school principal. She imposes standards of educational excellence. The students are shocked.

MR NITE is impressed with GILES; he offers to teach him the Business. But first he sends GILES on an errand …

BEANIE tries to be human, but it’s freaking JET out.

GILES is finding out more about the mob all the time. OCTAVIA encourages him, thinking that he is ‘Silver Lining’ undercover.

SOPHIE appoints herself Teen-Moral Counsellor, and unemployed VIOLET smells a money-making scheme.
ANTONIA finds Excalibur in the stone. DON helps her remove it.

JET can’t take any more of BEANIE trying to act human. DORSEY isn’t impressed with ANTONIA’s find. He only cares about the Lost City of Atlantis.

VIOLET will manage SOPHIE’s career as a chat-show-advice teen-queen. For a cut in the profits of course.
There’s a spy chopper overhead, and a lot of paranoid pilgrims with secrets.

GILES and OCTAVIA go to dinner at BEANIE and JET’s. But JET’s annoyed at BEANIE’s behaviour. She doesn’t want to live in a sit-com! While GILES and OCTAVIA wait for the mob’s delivery, OCTAVIA spots the ‘Silver Lining’.. so it can’t be GILES!! She’s horrified that GILES is working for the mob for real not undercover.

They argue and break up. GILES delivers the package, and MR NITE reveals a darker side. He doesn’t even like VITA. VITA overhears, and is devastated.

JOSH finds OCTAVIA in a Bad Mood. Bad Mood? Is OCTAVIA trying to tell him what he thinks she’s trying to tell him? No. But JOSH puts two and two together anyway.

SOPHIE hosts her very own chat-show.

DOROTHY finds the prom gown from the photo. CMDR VERMONT returns, and sees her in the dress. He is terrified and confused. It’s happening again!!

Episode 23


OCTAVIA despises GILES for getting involved in the mob, but DOROTHY is pleased and whips up some home cooking for MR NITE.

JOSH still takes OCTAVIA’s bad mood as being literal, while BEANIE tries to come out of the closet to everyone to say he’s an alien. ANTONIA’s crush on DORSEY blooms. VIOLET has a plan to get the school back from the Mob. But will DORSEY loan her the money?

DOROTHY shows CMDR VERMONT proof that he’s the ‘Big D’. CMDR VERMONT denies it, but there’s only one sure way to find out…

GILES’ INNER CHILD is proud; his very own boy’s gonna be a made guy. But GILES wants to quit. He’s feeling bad about OCTAVIA.

BEANIE researches his alien identity. But he’s researching fictional aliens that don’t exist. BEANIE is scared. What if he’s a fictional alien that doesn’t exist?

Big Boss, CONSTANTINE, is going to make GILES a made guy. GILES rejects the offer… and signs his own death warrant.

CMDR VERMONT and DOROTHY break into the Hells Biker HQ, and unleash the jeans. CMDR VERMONT tries them on. They fit!! GRAMPA smells trouble when DOROTHY returns. Where has she been?! GRAMPA can’t boss her around; she’s not his little girl any more. But was she ever a little girl??

GILES wakes to an unpleasant surprise from the Mob. While GILES’s feet are stuck in cement, his INNER CHILD splits.

DORSEY will lend VIOLET the money to buy back the school if she does him a favour. VITA is overjoyed at VIOLET’s return.

GRAMPA is the Grand Papa! He rarks up the HELLS BIKERS for letting someone sneak in and try on ‘Big D’s jeans. They all know how dangerous it would be if the truth got out…

Bad Mood and Silver Lining appear on SOPHIE’s show. The moral is clear good is good and bad is bad.

GILES and OCTAVIA make-up, then break-up. So OCTAVIA thinks he’s a nerd, and has a crush on a dumb superhero, does she?

DORSEY and VIOLET pretend to be boyfriend and girlfriend. ANTONIA is distraught. She works feverishly to try and solve the Lost City of Atlantis mystery for him. She finds a clue with a riddle inscribed. An H and an A will show the way.

GILES, JET and BEANIE try to find BEANIE’s true identity. They find a picture of BEANIE standing near a big H. What could it mean?


Episode 24


GILES discovers a litre of oil in the family fridge, while DOROTHY discovers the Big D’s glove. GRAMPA vows there’s gonna be changes.

BAD MOOD and SILVER LINING rendezvous at the Mallmart, where ANTONIA gives DORSEY a vital pictorial clue.

DON discovers the find of his life and VIOLET wants to get him on The SOPHIE Show.

The search continues for the meaning of BEANIE’s past. JET reassures GILES that he’s bound to get back together with OCTAVIA in the final frame.

DON’s chip that looks like Elvis does not impress SOPHIE. Q tells SOPHIE to keep a closer eye on GILES and OCTAVIA otherwise it’ll be chip lovers on every show.

MRS VERMONT reveals to CMDR VERMONT that he put an end to Callie.

While all are out GRAMPA builds a motorbike in the kitchen.

GILES’ INNER CHILD becomes the go-between for GILES and OCTAVIA.

SILVER LINING and BAD MOOD appear on The SOPHIE Show. They are not going to reveal their identities to the nation, but BAD MOOD does admit that she could never keep her identity secret from the man she married.

ANTONIA scans and enlarges an ancient picture of a totem pole that has the image of BEANIE with the initials A.H. on a headband. She calls DORSEY, but he is too busy entertaining a guest.

DOROTHY makes her moves on CMDR VERMONT while his family are out, and she makes him wear the Big D’s glove. His gloved hand makes an attack for his own neck.

ANTONIA collects her spy supplies from the Mallmart, where SILVER LINING and BAD MOOD have again rendezvoused. BAD MOOD wants him to turn to the dark side, but he is torn between her and doing right.

Under a sprinkler of rain GILES and OCTAVIA are reunited.

ANTONIA breaks in to DORSEY’s house and discovers him in his alien state munching on mice. She has made a very big mistake.


Episode 25


GILES asks OCTAVIA to the school prom.

Ratings for SOPHIE’s show are low. SOPHIE and VIOLET need a story.

ANTONIA is gagged and bound as DORSEY makes contact with his superior. The GENERAL tells DORSEY that he must find the object represented by the A.H. symbol and then he will have the key to the portal. SOPHIE enters his house as DORSEY runs off to search. SOPHIE sees ANTONIA tied up. ANTONIA gives SOPHIE the end-of-the-world prophecy document in exchange for setting her free.

The prophecy is interpreted to say that the world will be destroyed if a pair of illicit lovers don’t split up. It also mentions frogs falling out of the sky. SOPHIE decides to choose GILES and OCTAVIA as the boy and girl in question.

BEANIE investigates cheeseburgers as ancestors. GILES and OCTAVIA learn of the prophecy on a TV report. On their way to the studio they are intercepted by a media frenzy.

SILVER LINING agrees to join the dark side. BAD MOOD makes him place a potato up the exhaust of a police car.

An upset JET walks out on BEANIE and his obsessive behaviour.

A baying crowd outside GILES’ house are hounding him and OCTAVIA: “Split them up!” OCTAVIA demands the media show her the actual prophecy so they can put it to public scrutiny. A baked potato rains from the heavens… another sign?

SILVER LINING feels like he has done good, in a bad way, but BAD MOOD cuffs him and says she’ll see him at the prom.

CMDR VERMONT, distraught that the end of the world is nigh, has flashbacks to images of Big D and Callie in a car. CMDR VERMONT agrees to take DOROTHY to the prom, with her dressed in the prom dress. They both flashback to images of the prom dress, and jeans.

DON counsels a distraught JET. BEANIE agrees to stop thinking too much about his past and to start living in the present with JET.

OCTAVIA calls the prophecy a sham. The two figures could be anyone, and they didn’t mention the falling frogs part of the prophecy. SOPHIE is distraught. And then things start to fall from the sky. Frogs legs for dinner anyone?


Episode 26


The end of the world prophecy has swept the globe. The entire world want to split up GILES and OCTAVIA.

DORSEY breaks into DON’s lost property room to search for the A.H. symbol. Under the boiler he finds A.H. branded on a packet of potato chips. Not what he wanted. He doesn’t see what’s in the fish tank… yet.

GILES and OCTAVIA rendezvous. The prophecy says that the next time they kiss there’ll be a terrible storm. GILES runs off as the flaming-torch bearing crowd chases him. He blows her a goodbye kiss and thunder rings out.

BEANIE prophesises to JET that something bad is coming. The worst storm that Sunset Cove has ever seen is not going to stop the prom though. SOPHIE instructs her (and Q’s) ninjas to eliminate GILES on sight.

DR LEGGZ instructs CMDR VERMONT to avoid five things: the prom, the dress, the sword, the milk, and the weird sentence “hot milk and thick blue knickers.” He is also to avoid Dorothy in that dress. He must keep the dress locked away.

But MRS VERMONT has already given it to DOROTHY. She is strangely very comfortable with CMDR VERMONT taking DOROTHY to the prom.

ANTONIA and JET catch DORSEY packing to leave the school. He accidentally leaves behind the locater device.

CMDR VERMONT heads for Army HQ while GILES watches from the darkness as OCTAVIA enters the prom with JET and BEANIE. He slopes off.

The prom is in full swing. ANTONIA searches, NINJAS follow ANTONIA, DOROTHY has more flashbacks and escapes down a corridor, OCTAVIA’s drink is spiked but she doesn’t drink it, and as SILVER LINING agrees to marry BAD MOOD – a priest appears.

CMDR VERMONT’s vehicle breaks down – right outside the school. He is escorted into the prom, and has some of the hot chilli on offer. The five things come to pass. The sixth was avoid DOROTHY in the dress: he escapes down the same corridor DOROTHY went.

GRAMPA on the motorbike rescues GILES from his depression. He tells GILES to follow his heart and forget the prophecy.

CMDR VERMONT discovers DOROTHY and they flashback to a rocking Chevvy: inside is a man in leather and “one size fits all” jeans, with a woman in the prom dress. They conclude that VERMONT must be Big D, and DOROTHY must be Callie. Do they have it the right way around? They rush off to find GILES and OCTAVIA… before it’s too late.

GILES rescues OCTAVIA from the prom. With his way trapped by the ninjas GRAMPA pick-pockets JOSH’s car keys, so they can race off in his Chevvy convertible. The superhero marriage continues.

DOROTHY and VERMONT hijack the milk float to chase after GILES and OCTAVIA. The beam of the headlights cast a shadow across the sports field through the goal posts. The H of the goalposts form the shadow of an A, with the tip pointing to the door of DON’s lost property room. ANTONIA sees this and races towards it. DORSEY follows close behind. Followed by SOPHIE and the ninjas.

BEANIE’s memory gets a restart. He doesn’t know who JET is.

GILES and OCTAVIA are finally together alone. They try to pull the top of the car down to get a better look at the night sky – the scene looks suspiciously like the flashback of the rocking car that VERMONT and DOROTHY had earlier. DOROTHY and VERMONT pull up on the milk float and see the rocking car.

The priest completes the marriage ceremony and SABRINA reveals herself. JOSH is horrified.

DON’s lost property room is inundated. DON has lost his prized chip packet, but the city in the tank has also gone. ANTONIA, DORSEY, SOPHIE and the ninjas have all been foiled. But by who?

VERMONT and DOROTHY catch GILES and OCTAVIA before they have the chance to kiss again. There is an almighty light from above… have the aliens returned?