DR LEGGS’ report on MRS VERMONT (Jane Waddell).

DR LEGGS’ report on MRS VERMONT (Jane Waddell).

Hello, I am Dr Leggs, the resident psychiatrist of Sunset Cove. Many interesting people come to see me about their problems (and you can sometimes see me in Atlantis High!). Each week I’m profiling different Sunset Covers – and this week is the 1950’s mother – Mrs Vermont

Name:Mrs Vermont
Age: Probably around 50

Wife to Mrs Vermont and Mother of Octavia – she is a housewife

Appearance:Always dressed in designer suits. She is always well presented and usually offering products to everyone.
Past History:Nothing is known of this mysterious woman. She’s always in a happy mood and nothing seems to phase her. She’s a loving military wife and always looks after her husband. There’s something odd about her past.
Motives:Mrs Vermont tries to sell anything to everyone. She’s always endorsing products and wants everyone to be using them. But Mrs Vermont also wants to keep the family secrets, secret – she’s careful to always be on her guard
Influences:Her husband means alot to her and she caters to his every whim. She’s not easily influenced because she seems to have her own strong ideas. She loves her daughter very much but perhaps she is worried her daughter is too smart for her own good.
Strengths: Her winning smile has everyone else smiling. Mrs Vermont could probably sell ice to eskimos. She’s strong willed and is self sufficient – there’s nothing she can’t handle and doesn’t rely on others to help her with anything.
Weaknesses: Her weakness would be shopping – Mrs Vermont LOVES shopping for anythind and everything. With her husband so busy it’s a great way to spend his money!
Catchphrases: “…full of the goodness of the praries!” “you can’t handle the truth!”
Secrets:Mrs Vermont has some deep dark secrets which are yet to be uncovered – there is something very suspicious within the Vermont family – and Mrs Vermont doesn’t want it getting out….

Rumour is that Mrs Vermont used to be a man. I have no proof at this stage but it is a little odd.