“Ça va?” said the man but Pick just looked blankly at him.

The man laughed and this time spoke in English.

Pick and Pierre spoke for many hours. He told her of his travels from Spain and of how he felt he had fallen into paradise the day he jumped off the ferry and set foot on the golden beaches of Sunset Cove.

Pick’s stomach began to rumble. She fidgeted a bit, not wanting to leave Pierre but aware that unless she ate something soon she might well faint again and that would not do at all!

Whilst fidgeting, Pick came across a lump of bread that she must have had in her hands when she left the cottage. Pierre nodded in approval when she offered him a piece and he spread his cloak on the floor and sat beside her. Taking two plums from the ground under the tree Pierre and Pick shared their meal and thoroughly enjoyed it.

To Pick it was the best meal she had ever had and she thought aloud that she could eat like this for the rest of her life.

Pierre agreed but said that he had to carry on with his journey. Pick burst into tears and Pierre agreed to come home with her and to marry her as she had pretty eyes and could bake nice bread.

Pick and Pierre were married before long and to celebrate had a meal with the family on a rug under a tree. They called the meal pickpierre after the happy couple.

Every Sunday after the marriage the Gordon family had a pickpierre and soon all their friends started to join in the fun.

After a few months, Pierre got the wanderlust and decided he had had enough of married life and scarpered leaving Pick and the Gordon family to their own devises.

Dorothy’s Top Ten Tips for a Great Picnic

1. Always use fresh bread
2. Never boil your peas
3. Embrace the ants, they are your friends
4. Bedsheets are easier to shake off than blankets
5. Cut your sandwiches into rectangles, that confuses the seagulls
6. Only posh people use china plates, paper plates are just as good and easier to clean
7. A man can be judged by the way he carries the picnic hamper
8. Always use fresh bread (that’s really important)
9. Chicken drumsticks are really nice
10. And so are hard boiled eggs.

Pick was not as devastated as she had thought she might be as she had not liked Pierre’s garlic breath, She had only really married him because no other man had ever looked at her before (though she was old enough to realise that it was because she had never left the cottage before so it had been impossible to be noticed!)

The lads of Sunset Cove certainly noticed Pick now as she sashayed herself down the High Street and after a while she began to date a local fellow who ran a bakery and also admired her baking skills.

The happy young couple soon started up with the pickpierre’s again but when they got hitched the name had to change to include the new groom – picnic – and history was made.

Pick and Nick enjoyed a happy life together and their love of eating outdoors was passed to all residents of Sunset Cove and all around the world by the travelling Pierre.

So if you are ever in a foreign country and hear people talking of having a pickpierre, you’ll know what they mean!

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