Lee Donaghue plays Josh Montana in Atlantis High Page 2

Lee Donaghue plays Josh Montana in Atlantis High

How would you describe your character? He means well but just cant’ stop stuffing things up.

What is your characters personality? An adorable clutz!

What are your characters’ strengths and weaknesses? Strengths – football, sports and girls. Weaknesses – schoolwork and Octavia.


What is the most embarassing thing that has happened to you whilst making Atlantis High? Shooting a scene in a supermarket in my Silver Lining gear whilst heaps of people were doing their shopping LOL.


What is the best thing or your favourite moment in making Atlantis High? In rehearsals whilst shooting with the adult cast who are all really funny. We have some good times.


What is your favourite quote or phrase? “Just in time!” from Tom McCrory in the Silver Lining search for Hells Bikers.


How did you get into acting? My mother joined me at a talent agency in 1991.


What has been your hardest scene to film? When I was Silver Lining and had some dialogue with Octavia at the beach with the sunset behind us. No time for rehearsals. Just shoot and I couldnt’ stuff up because we were losing light really fast. Lots of pressure but it turned out great!


What do you do between scenes? Go over lines and blob out, kick a ball around with Michael.


What do you think are the properties of a good actor? A certain uniqueness, a very original style.

How would you describe Atlantis High? Atlantis High is a really unique funny show that is the type of show I would watch. An amazing range of characters with a mixture of established and up and coming actors. A bit like Naked Gun but better.