The Vermonts

Woah! Octavia sure has some spaced out parents. Mrs Vermont is like a robot, “yes dear”, “no dear” and not much in between dear…..

Apart from trying to sell everyone some country goodness and telling people they “can’t handle the truth!” there’s not much more to be said.

Commander Vermont on the other hand is OTT (over the top). His army of men running around the garden is music to his ears and catching aliens is the best thing since sliced bread.

The Montana’s

Josh Montana is from a very wealthy family. The Montana’s have been in Sunset Cove for generations. Josh’s parents are often overseas on big business trips (or so they say). But no one knows what they do. They fly here, there and everywhere and make millions of dollars doing it. All with the utmost secrecy. Rumours went around the Cove that the Montana’s sold rare tiger fingernails, but nothing has ever been proved.

Josh loves what money can buy him. The other day he offered a girl the real “Balls of Nantucket”.

The Marigolds

Jet’s parents were hippys from out west. They used to travel the country in their van, stopping for protests and gatherings along the way. Jet was a bouncy baby girl in their first years on the road.

To make money for gas they would creep into farmer’s paddocks for cow pats and make cleansing lotions out of them.

They stopped in Sunset Cove one day and Jet didn’t want to leave. It was the weirdest place she’d ever seen and everything she wanted.

Her parents still drop in now and again to Sunset Cove to sell their famous cleansing lotions.

What would you do if you found out your parents weren’t who they said, or who you assumed they were?? Could you ever recover from the knowledge that you had been misinformed all this time? Do you think it would affect the future for you?

Well there’s a secret in store for you… keep watching Atlantis High to find the most bizarre, wild and whacky secrets of all as the story of Atlantis High in Sunset Cove unfolds!Next page