The Hotels and Attractions

In Las Vegas you feel like you can travel around the world in the one city. The hotels in Las Vegas are famous for things like their miniature Eiffel Tower, exploding volcanos and light shows.

I snuck out by myself one night to get a look at an alien spaceship – I’d been told that there are aways lights in the sky over Las Vegas so I just had to check it out by myself. I did see a few lights but I must have passed out for some reason because the next thing I knew I was
lying in a garden feeling rather strange.

I spoke to somebody about it later and they said I was either very drunk or I’d been abducted by aliens! I can’t figure it out!


It is unbelievable how many people get married in Las Vegas every year. I mean if I could find a husband I’d get married in Las Vegas. If only I could get that young, gorgeous Coach Shane to fall madly in love with me then I’d be on cloud 9.

A very popular way of getting married in Las Vegas is Elvis Style”

Beanie and Jet took the opportunity and had Elvis himself marry them!

Top 3 things NOT to do in Las Vegas

  1. Bet more money than you have
  2. Play in the elevators in the hotels
  3. Fall in love with someone 40 years younger than yourself and find out you married them in the morning


Fashion is my life. You must have realised by now how much I love bright colours. I like to stand out from the crowd in clothes different from everyone elses.

I spent hours in Las Vegas shopping for clothes.

So that’s my guide to Las Vegas. I had a wonderful time and I plan on going back there very soon…hopefully with Coach Shane….