The greatest superhero of Sunset Cove, the Silver Lining is usually a very busy person. He has found recently that his phone has been ringing off the hook with requests for help.

Little old ladies phone the pink one to enlist his aid in saving cats that are stuck up trees, to unblock toilets and to frighten away bad tempered bees.

Silver Lining has started to become a little tired of helping out in this kind of way. After all, not many superheroes have to get involved in the mundane chores of daily life.

Silver Lining decided therefore to make some pamphlets advertising his superhero abilities and envisaged being inundated with pleas for help from beautiful damsels in distress.

So far the light that would flash to indicate new messages has remained unlit.

Silver Lining has been sitting at home twiddling his thumbs and re-recording his message to pass the time, dreaming of all the daring deeds he could be performing if only his phone would ring!