“Hey there, I’m Coach Shane. Everybody in Sunset Cove asks me how they can get a good suntan – because I know everything about suntans. If you want to get with the gameplan then here is my guide to suntans…”


ATLANTIS HIGH AND SUNTANS “Any time of the day in Sunset Cove you can see a whole heap of gorgeous gals and hunky guys tanning their hides at the beach. Glistening bodies toast themselves by the sea all day long – and s
ometimes in to the night.

Why do they bother you may ask? Because in Sunset Cove you will stand out unless your tan is perfect – most folk here look amazing and have fantastic tans. But tans fade
out. So you gotta keep your tan up or else you won’t have a tan anymore – and you’ll be like a bug in a bowl of soup: very noticeable, and something that nobody wants to encounter.

The right kind of tan is vital. You will never get through the Tanometer machine that I run at Atlantis High school if you do not have the right kind of tan. Don’t even try to fool me with that fake stuff! It just gets all streaky and stains your clothes. And that is not a good look”.


So how do you get the perfect tan? Here’s my gameplan on what you need and what you do:

1 – Sit in the sun – hey it may be obvious but you won’t get a suntan sitting indoors. Stay outside to get a tan – there are always volleyball g
ames, surfing parties, BBQ’s and campfires to show off that brown bod and to catch a few more rays. That’s step one.

2 – Buff your body – it helps to have good muscle tone the more muscles, the more tan on your body because there’ll be more of you for the sun to tan!

3 – Use Moisturiser – because it stops your skin getting too dry and means you can get more tan .

4 – Use a mirror – oh yeah, I like this one! If you put a mirror in front of your face, the sun will shine and reflect off the mirror onto your face, giving you a better tan – and if you hold it properly, you can look at your own reflection! I like that so I can check out my fabulous muscles.

5 – Use fake tan – easy to roll on the skin, giving you a tan instantly”