“Hi, I’m Giles Gordon – supposed “Geek” of Sunset Cove and the world. Here’s my guide to being the ultimate geek…



Hello! Giles here! Have you ever noticed how perfectly your name rhymes with beguiles? Or made muscular diagrams to explain why your mother’s nose wiggles when she shouts at you? Perhaps you have trained your voice perfectly to crack only when making public speeches and proclamations of servitude to girls named Octavia. No? Aww, come on! I’m trying to show you how you how very similar we are!

Alright! Well….whether you admit it or not, hidden deep inside of you, screaming and asthmatically panting to get out, is a little critter I like to call “your inner geek.”

Inner Geek is a hearty fellow. He may be a scrawny weakling, but he’s a strong little guy, with narrow buns of steel and a mouth to match. Just when you think you’ve got him under control, he overtakes you, and, before you can say ‘ailurophilia,’ Inner Geek forces you to mention complex number theory on your first date with that blond girl from the volleyball team.

What can you do to fight the little freak?

No, no, you’re not getting the point. What I’m trying to teach you is that you don’t have to chase momentum to keep up with it. The point is Go With the Flow. The point is Let Inner Geek See the Light of Day—drown the pale loner in sunlight. –No! Don’t drown him! Embrace him! That’s right. Love your geek. (For he loves you.)

Ok. That’s settled.

Now, troops! I want to see you on your best behaviour. Pimples, RISE! Bronze skin, FADE! Don your high-water pants, strap on some suspenders, tape those old glasses back together and make for the streets. We’re about to start a geeky revolution.

In the spirit of age-old geekitude, our revolution will not be spontaneous, but rather a re-enactment of a revolution we’ve read of in too many not-for-school books. Re-enactments are cool when you’re a geek.
Your mission is to be your geek at its best. Show those snobby cool kids that geek is the new pink.

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