Top 5 ways to get a friend

  1. Be yourself and be honest/sincere
  2. Don’t be yourself – pretend to be something you’re not if 1 doesn’t work
  3. Lie and cheat your way to friends if 1 and 2 don’t work
  4. Pay someone to be your friend
  5. Get a cardboard friend

So how did I make friends? cont…

I next made friends with Jet – she was cool from the start. She thought I was cool because I was “weird”. Jet is into weird things. Her sense of humour is hillarious and she can definitely make me laugh.

Ultimately I finally became friends with Octavia but this was more due to mutual deep down genuine affection and love between us – even if we didn’t recognise it at first.

Sophie was the first person to introduce her self to me. We became friends but only after a period of time when we both finally understood each other. Sophie accepted that I didn’t want to go out with her and respected me for it eventually. I respected Sophie for who she was – a sweet natured psycho with psychic powers and a fluffy rabbit.

There were always going to be people that I wasn’t going to be friends with. Josh Montana was one of them. With us both after Octavia’s affections it was inevitable that we were going to be rivals.

Sabrina is not the sort of person I would want as a friend – she’d turn her back on you if it meant she gained something from it. I suppose we never really saw eye to eye after the pink fluffy g-string incident and the School Editor election.

Top 5 ways to lose friends

  1. Insulting your friends
  2. Stealing your friends boyfriend or girlfriend
  3. Never return things you borrow from a friend
  4. Never return a phonecall or continually stand your friends up
  5. Ignore your friend and pretend they don’t exist

So in the end friends are important. They teach you, comfort you, entertain you and help you to be who you are.